I <3 Recons

There I said it.  I confess my love to the world.  My ship is beautiful and I’m having a love affair with her. 

Gorgeous isn’t she?  Sleek and dangerous, powerful and yet crafty.  There was this old movie you might remember.  And there was this line from that movie:

If I knew I was going to live to 86 I wouldn’t have let the maid go.

No wait, right movie, wrong quote:

The trick in life isn’t getting what you want, my dear, it’s wanting it after you get it.

I wanted to get into Recon from very early on.  I liked the flexibility, the power.  I liked the idea that one day, a generally non-pvping noob like me might uncloak next to some griefer, and be able to imagine the “oh sh-”  running through the other pilot’s head, right before I unloaded on them.

But I also like Battleships and Carriers,  Interceptors and Heavy Assault Ships.  But as time came and went, and I learned more about them, my interest in them dwindled.  This is the first ship that I have loved more after I bought it and started using it than before.

Ysh said today that I “cannot be contained and he’s back in EVE with moar skillz and bettur ships than me. Which may not be saying all that much.”  And to be honest, its not, but not in the way Ysh thinks.  I don’t have alot of T2 gear.  I am not a 1337 null sec combat veteran.  I do not have enough in my wallet to get me what I want and I am currently running level 1 missions for a crappy NPC industrial corp so that I am in the same virtual neighborhood as my corp mates, whom I also happen to like alot.    But I do have the Regress and it is my pride and joy at the moment.

Until I finally get up the ISK to take out that adorable ravenesque cutie down the hall…Prrrrrr….

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