Skill Queue Indecision

Yeah, I’ve got a five-way split and I’m flapping in the breeze a bit over it.  Basically I have more time than normal this week, not to play, as I have many night activities this week, but to blog, as I have few day activities this week.  Odd, I know.  Now you are super-curious about me revealing my vocation, on my two year blogging birthday in a few weeks, neh?

On top of that, we just finished the current round in The Reincarnation, which means it will be a week until the server resets.  You may think thats crazy, but honestly, the guilds need it to revamp their lineup and plan for coming wars.  Strategic PvP is thought intensive (EVE gives proof of this too in its null sec wards and manueverings), and having just finished my first stint as the Lord Sovereign (ie, president/king/Fleet Commander/head cheese) of our guild, I got alot of good experience, and I’m a little tired.  Some of you who head up corps and do the null sec life can appreciate how much effort and energy it takes outside of actual playtime to make sure things go smoothly.

So with the extra time this week, I’m putting EVE HQ to good use building skill queues for the different directions I want trained.  Basically it looks like this:

As you can see, I’m just training some things off my miscellaneous list while I decide which way to go.  Miscellaneous includes skills that I need or want but that do not directly link to any planned direction of growth for my character.  For example, I’m getting Social from 3 to 4 right now.  Doesn’t open new ships or anything, but helps with my night attempts to raise standings and is generally good to have.  That list will always be present and morphs from time to time as I add and subtract things from it.

So I really need to decide on the four paths I have there.  I know, there are really five.  The Orca is nice, its kind of a wish list item right now though, since I don’t plan on moving anywhere soon, and the corp already has an Orca with a couple of pilots for it.  So I’m going to set that aside for now.

The longest one on there is T2 missile training.  Now that I have T2 drones and lasers done as far as I want them for now, and in looking at my playstyle (Amarr, Mission Running), missiles are looking increasingly to be in my game.  The queue there represents the time need to get me solidly trained in support skills, cruiser missiles, and jump me into the world of T2 heavies and heavy assaults.  All good, but…a long queue which doesn’t really address my current needs.

Then there is my obsession with opening up my ability to pilot as many ships as possible – the Transport category.  I’m about the only one in my corp that can’t pilot a blocakde runner.  And with two jumps of decently active lo-sec that I cross on a regular basis, this is a solid choice.  Still, even to complete this training, it would take a large chunk of my diminished wallet to actually buy the blockade runner.  And what goods am I hauling that the Regress can’t handle?  Or that my corpmates can’t tranport for me?

And then there is the last two.  The R&D list is everything I need to open up the use of some research agents.  This is helpful to me long term and short term.  Its an additional source of income, its helpful to the corp’s T2 production lines, and it allows me to dip my toes further into the world of industry and, dare I say it, crafting.  There is a real thrill I get down my spine thinking about the possibility of turning my old Prophecy into that Command ship I’ve been wanting.  That leads naturally to Planetary Interaction, because its another shorter stint and links directly into T2 production in many ways.  The plan is to set up to produce Construction Blocks.  These are needed for T2 ship manufacturing of all races.  So again, useful both to me and the corp.  In 12 days, with a minimal of start up cash, I can be moving in ways that are directly beneficial to myself and my buddies.

So, um…I guess I know now which way I’m headed.  Sometimes you just need to talk out loud for a few minute to figure things out.  You guys and gals get the Good Listener Award today for having your ears on. 

* For the curious/envious, I got the above award from here, which as links to lots of different free awards graphics that you can personalize.  Cool eh?  And sinces its free, lets give credit and plugs where credit and plugs are due!


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