Christmas in July

Yeah all that snow in Halas made the people at Sony want to give us Christmas early.  Because Everquest II is going F2P.   The tl;dr version is that they are basically relaunching EQ2 as a free game.  Initially you will have access only to four races and eight classes (and two character slots), and will have access to content only up to the expansion before the current one.  However, as with any F2P game, all of that is upgradeable for a few bucks here and there.  The MMO watchword of customizing your character has truly advanced into one of customizing your game.

Found via the Green Tree Gazette (.com of course)

For me, it fits the bill.  I just about got down on my knees and wept for joy.  The restrictions imposed will keep hardcore players running on their servers, but for fun past time, casual players like me, I can play with little or no shell out.  Pardon me again while I go jump for joy and count my blessings.

Also, to be fair, this news came to me as a gift from the ever watchful gaze of the Stylish Corpse.