Quid Pro Quo

Teeth finally sold!  I hope it likes its new home and serves its new owner well.   And me?  I’m at the 150 million mark again.  Whew!

So we were chatting last night about directions for the corp.  We are almost done producing our first capital ship.  It was a fun process, but it was generally agreed that something a little less time and material consuming should be up next.  As we tossed around a few ideas, I jokingly said, “hey, you could build my command ship.”  We laughed a little, but one of the directors started asking questions – Which one? (Damnation), What components did I already have? (BPC and a Prophecy).   Did we have access to Amarr production skills? (my buddy had apparently been training them with me in mind) Did we have access to Amarr datacores?  (yes, in a few days, thanks to my current training arc)  Could we get ahold of a decryptor? (yes, there was one in Jita for dirt cheap) What did the corp already have stockpiled? (two different components already stacked and ready)

Long story short, it seemed like a great idea.  It expanded our horizons in production, strengthened one of our members (me!), and presented a new challenge without being overwhelming.  I’m providing financial backing and the Amarr R&D components, and will of course pay out to the corp some cash on completion as well, but I’ll still get my ship finally, and for less than normal, and know that the money is going to a good cause.  Its a you-scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-yours proposition.   And the added benefit is that I will get a hands on tour through T2 production, which means the corp will have one more knowledgeable person to help run things.