What A Night

I was bored out of my skull last night.



Not even any STO (yeah, that year long thing…sometimes I forget its there…which…yeah, doesn’t really need any further comment).

My wife, who by day works her mad corporate HR skillz, is also a budding photographer, and apparently a pretty good one.  The downside is that her photos, with her heavy duty camera, are quite large.   And since last year I got my nice gaming laptop, she has more and more taken over the desktop for her work.  And last weekt, worlds collided (see what I did there?).   The desktop drive space was getting tight, and something had to give.  So I went through last night and started switching things over to my latop – saved game files, programs, etc.  It involved alot of transmission, alot of deletion, and some installation as I moved a host of games and good things over.   But it meant that both computers were tied up in things that didn’t allow for much other than some light web browsing between installs/deletions.

So I put away a few games that I didn’t plan to go back to anytime soon (CoX, DAoC).  And there were a few I decided to keep around because I have a feeling I will be needing them, for example EVE Online remains installed on both computers – just in case.   And then, I came to the one that started it all.  My first PC MMORPG.  Yeah remember that I started out on EQOA – but that was for the PS2.  And I never made the jump to the real EQ because of some personal events in my life back then.  So there I am bored, tired, staring at this last one in my games folder, and I shock myself by putting it in the disc drive.  The loading screen comes to life.  And I find myself chuckling.  What do you think people?

Do you dare me?  Do you double dog dare me?

6 thoughts on “What A Night

  1. I triple-dog dare you! DO IT! All the cool kids are doing it. The first 10 days are FREE!

    Try STO again,too. You already paid for it right? Season 2 just came out. Diplomacy, Fluid Space, Klingon PvE.

  2. Tesh

    Play now or forever miss the chance to see the world One… Last… Time… before the newest Big Bad breaks stuff.

    Um… yeah, that’s all I got. Ten days free?

    1. Yeah, one of the things that kept this ball rolling once I thought about it. I never bought Lich King, so as a former active subscriber, they offer me 10 days free to try Liche King. Granted, I’m not high enough level even to qualify for a Death Knight, but…10 free days of Summon Nostalgia is hard to say no to.

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