Another Birthday Come and Gone

Longtime readers of this blog may remember that last year was a banner year for birthdays in my house.  I got my new laptop and a host of great new games for the PC and for tabletop.

Happy Birthday!

This year was…not as good.   My grandmother’s yearly alottment of cold hard cash has mostly been spent already, I (pre-)used it to buy APB.  While I have not regretted that decision, had I saved it and been able to plop down another PLEX this year, it would have helped my cash situation greatly.  My wife decided to let our kids shop for me this year (they are ages 7, 5, and 20 mos. currently) which was a blast for them but resulted in a hit or miss year for me.  Okay, I’ll be honest, mostly miss.  Star Wars Lightsaber Duels was the choice of my son, and while he has had a blast playing it, its a so-so game.  Especially since we have only one “nunchuk” which means we can’t actually duel each other.   Guess I know what the last bit of birthday money is going towards!  My daughter picked out Guitar Hero 5, which was completely left field.  I’m passably decent (I can play most all songs on medium), but I had no idea 5 was out, much less 4.  The last time I played I actually was playing 2 at a friends house, which was apparently forever ago in game time.  Still, I love them dearly, and it was fun to see how excited they were to give me the presents that they had picked out, and even more of a joy to spend some time playing those games with them.  Can a gaming father really ask for anything more than that?

Outside of that, my parents are adding in a few books from my Amazon wishlist, as are my inlaws.  So, a less exciting year around here as actual games go.  But I will say my brother wins the prize for best gift.  A signed artist’s proof of my favorite Keith Parkinson painting will be arriving at my house before too long.   The piece is called “Arcane Summons” and is just overall fantastic.  Too bad its primarily associated with Palladium (bleh).

I would also say that I have received some great gifts from the gaming industry as well. Everquest II and Lord of the Rings Online going free to play are both wonderful, and I will no doubt be spending alot of time in the coming year in both.  And the best “generic birthday wishes” from a gaming company came from the wonderful people at Reaper, whose forum message says more than the usual:

May your paint never dry out, may you avoid supergluing your fingers together,
and may you always roll natural 20s on this special day.

Indeed indeed.  In other news, we are now 10 days from my second blog-o-versary, and I’ve been pondering new goals.  I had two goals last year.  I made some progress on #2 before the project was scrapped from me struggling with the RL events of the year and my partner in crime struggling to get the website up and his own ingame time sinks.  Goal #1 sadly didn’t come to pass, but Tipa does’t do nearly as many daily blogrolls these days as she was when I concocted that goal a year ago.  I’ve been wondering what new goals I could come up with, but no ideas so far.  If you have some, let me know!

3 thoughts on “Another Birthday Come and Gone

  1. Well, Happy Birthday. I know what getting gifts from the kiddos can be like. At least they’re in the right genre of gifts, right?

  2. Happy Birthday. 😀 You’ve just discovered that most people give the presents they’d want to get and not the ones the recipient might want. At least with kids you get to see them having fun with them instead of wondering how you can discreetly regift. 😉

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