I’m going on a journey…

Far, Far, Away.  And not of the Shrek variety either.  Of the George Lucas variety.

Your emotions betray you…I can sense the nerdy jealousy welling up within you.  Give in to your hate and join me by posting a comment.  Together, we can rule the blog-o-verse as writer and reader!

Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

6 thoughts on “I’m going on a journey…

    1. I passed on the lightsaber. I was sorely tempted by the metal lunchboxes, but can you believe they don’t come with a Thermos anymore? What sad times we live in… )-:

    1. Yeah we had a long discussion about that while we were there, and how we could easily go back to the moon for a very small percentage of NASA’s operating budget (same for Mars btw) but we won’t ever do it for political reasons.

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