“Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?

Yeah that’s pretty much what’s happening right now.  Not sure how much posting I’ll get to this week.  I have shingles.  The rash started over the weekend which made diagnosis pretty easy.  Antiviral and rest prescribed, and the root cause determined to be stress.  In an evening of huge irony, Saturday night, a group of about 50 youth decided to break into the clubhouse in our neighborhood and throw themselves a party.  I live right across the street from the clubhouse.  Apparently they have no concept of aggro management, and never considered that someone, somewhere in this neighborhood might just notice the huge party and call the police.  And when I made that phone call, I didn’t realize that I would up helping them sort out the situation until three in the morning.  

(Yes, I’m a party pooper.  I’m not normally, but that was just…dumb.  Go party in an open field or basement somewhere.  The funny thing was how perplexed they were, as if they couldn’t figure out how they had been caught.)

So I’m strung out tired, in some pain, and very, very uncomfortable.  So we’ll see how the week goes in terms of both posting and game time.  Meanwhile, I’ll need some good tidbits to read, so you all who also write better be churning some stuff out for me.  Write one for the ol’ Harbinger.


5 thoughts on “TMI?

  1. Been there, had those. You have my deepest sympathy. Only thing I can recommend is silk. Mine were on the riubcage and I found a silk shirt might call my masculinity in to question but so did scratching and weeping.


  2. ACK! Get better intarwebz hugs. SOOOO staying out of touching distance!

    Silk >>>> scratching and weeping. I think you can get very manly silk these days. /face_straight

    Actually, as women will be able to tell you (myself included) silk is a really nice freaking fabric to wear. Not that I’d get shingles as an excuse, but…


  3. Adventurer Historian

    I’m sorry, man – that sucks. Get to feeling better, and I’ll try to write up something interesting for you to read these next few days!

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