Game (and Health) Updates

Well, its been a pretty miserable week.  I have discovered that shingles carries with it a host of unknown reactions.  I’ve experienced pain, true, and not to the level that some have I know.  But I’ve also had odd things happen – random long term repeated muscle spasms, burning sensations in random places, sweating on the side with the rash but not on the side without, numbness, restlessness, and trouble concentrating.

So between trying to get  the bare minmum done to keep my job afloat, sleeping alot, and taking alot of meds, I haven’t had a whole lot of lucid, pain free time.  But I did manage to log a decent number of hours last week, mostly playing with my brother as he rediscovers the world of Fallen Earth.


I managed to pack in five levels, along with my first real sword, first real gun, and first real horse, all crafted by yours truly.  All quite satisfying.  But Fallen Earth itself, while fun and at times quite beautiful, is basically in a state of permanent beta.  The first time I pulled the trigger on my shiny new revolver – nothing happened.  Sometimes my character randomly holsters his weapons and tries to go fisticuffs on a mob.  I activated a clone mutation buff and ended up trailing sparkles for the next half hour.  And the lack of information, while at times exciting, can also be frustrating.  I finally, after completing four of the sector one towns, broke down and bought the only weapon crafting book I was missing.  Only to get it in the next town.  So I sold it for a pittance with storage space at a premium.  Only to discover a short while later that you can turn in sets of books you are not using for XP.  Oi.

In between, I logged some time in the new Free to Play version of Everquest 2.   I am terribly excited about it and fully intend to ride that horse till its dead.  I will probably also pay for a silver membership at some point.  I have some station cash from buying the last EQ2 expansion, and I hadn’t really found anything to use it on, and it would be nice to lift some of those restrictions.  I have found the renewed starter areas to be well done – kudos especially on reducing the annoying factor in the Fey starting area from an 11 to about a 2.

And as for EVE?  Well my sub lapsed halfway through the week, and I haven’t renewed it yet because I knew I wouldn’t be logging on during the week.  But I do plan to set that puppy up again.  I had just finished PI training, so its time to move back to the corporate stomping grounds with a satchel full of Amarr Starship Datacores and start grinding missions again.

Meanwhile, I continue to be intrigued by all of your great posts.  I will in the next day or so try to add in a few more blog links – there are some of you that have been active here that I havent added yet, and I need to do so.   And my health continues to be day to day.  I woke up this morning in a hell of a lot of pain, took alot of ibuprofen and went back to sleep – only to wake up an hour later in more pain that I started with.

Rest assured I will be doing some limited posting this week, and hope to return full bore next week.  So many games, so little time…


7 thoughts on “Game (and Health) Updates

  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon, man.

    Don’t fret about the books, though; unless they’ve added something else, the books in question that you turn in for XP (and AP) are the Omnibus books which are titles such as (Melee Combat and You [or some such nonsense]). AFAIK, you can’t turn in like Smash 2 for XP/AP.

    I’m back in the Wasteland, by the way; at $4.99 for the first returning month, I couldn’t pass it up to kill time until FFXIV launches. Drop me a line if you need anything – my character name is Slimm. I hear you about the “permanent beta”, though. Every time I use Sonic Lance, for example, my gun has funky rings around it until I use it again.

    1. That 4.99 deal is the same reason my brother is there (I’m still on free time actually). Good to know about the books, that eases my frustration some. Even better to know someone else wandering the wastes! We plan on tackling the Junk Fortress tonight if you are interested (~ 8:30pm CST)

      1. Sorry I missed your note until today, but I was playing basketball last night, anyhow.

        Also, Slimm is level 24, so I’m up in S2, but if you need anything crafted, she’s your gal; just drop me a line.

  2. halka

    I managed to pack in five levels, along with my first real sword, first real gun, and first real horse, all crafted by yours truly.

    You can craft horses?! Sigh me up, then.

    1. Indeed you can. I would check, I’m not sure what they are running right now, but free time and reduced prices seem much in evidence. There may even be some invite a friend program we could swing you.

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