That’s the first time I’ve laughed out loud at game text in a loooong time.  Not entirely sure, but I I think it could be a subtle jab at WoW (Warhammer 40k developers – take note!).  I haven’t logged on in two days now, both from feeling ucky and from losing my brother to The Guild 2.

Hopefully I can manage to get in tonight.  I’d love to do some of that Iron Man stuff in the new EQ2X…

4 thoughts on “IMMD

  1. These are the kind of things I love about Fallen Earth: quest text, NPC chatter, even item descriptions – they’re all so enjoyable. Have you done the “Malibu Dream House” quest line? Hilarious.

    And yes, that second paragraph is definitely pointed at the naked dancers on mailboxes in WoW.

    1. Haven’t seen the Dream House line, where can I find it at?

      I need player housing in Fallen Earth pronto. I’m on the verge of crafting another horse just for the extra storage slots. |-8

      1. I want to say it starts in Depot 66 with – I kid you not – a quest to kill 50 of four different types of mobs. You have to be a masochist to even start it. The conclusion is very much worth the grind. 😀

        Or you could go look it up on Syp’s blog; there’s a picture of the end several months back, I believe.

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