I Missed It!

I missed the blasted festival in Neriak.  I hate that.  I got out the other night and was going to do some collecting to get my city tokens, because some of those furniture items were out of this world.  It made me miss my main account, where I know I have some city tokens stashed in the shared bank.  However, because of my powerleveling the other night, I hadn’t gotten my harvesting skills up to Tier 2 for the quest to get me some city tokens, and by the time I had done that, I had to log for the night.

It's art. I sweat it is.

And yes, I’ve been in Neriak.  The truth is, outside of Qeynos and Freeport, its my favorite city.  While I love the housing in New Halas, the city itself is rather droll.  Gorowyn has the opposite problem – lots of personality, but housing that bugs me (I can’t ever get the angles on my furniture to line up right).  Fairyland is nice, but having to navigate the bridges and landings loses its charm pretty quickly.

Oh well, I’ll have to grab a few city tokens this month to stash away for wherever next months Festival lands at.  And avoid that @#$% fortune teller.  You can lost five GOLD in a hurry if you hit the wrong button…….