As It Turns Out, I’m Not The Only One.

Remember when I expressed concern over whether or not weapon selection in The Old Republic would be limited to whatever was iconic to the class.

Well others have expressed some similar concerns.  And they aren’t the only ones.  Mostly though, the concern surrounds the ability to build a Gunslinger or Blaster Jedi.  I’m not suggesting that.  But I do agree fully with with a poster (Use_The_Force) in the second thread linked who says:

I’m not saying there should be a build for gunslinging Jedi.

But as a Jedi I would still like to equip a blaster every now and then, maybe pwn some noobs with it for kicks.

Apparently, we might be getting our wish:

Credit to and someone named Keydan.

Credit where credit is due of course.  Those who don’t want people to have selection options in their character class (aka, haters) have been quick to point out that these are two padawan training, and that there are references in the lore to padawans being allowed/instructed in the use of blasters before transferring to the lightsaber.

Those who agree with me (aka, cool people), have pointed out that they are full of it, since Obi Wan killed Grievous with a blaster, and some obscure Sith Lord used a blaster to kill lots of Jedi.

Astute readers will note that it took the current SWTOR community about 5 microseconds to descend into Star Wars geekdom and draw up on their own special breed of….whatever.

The bottom line is that, as is always true of lore – you can make it swing whichever way you need it to (especially with a lore as deep and varied as Star Wars has) to legitimize whatever direction has been taken with the design.  I still don’t know whats going to happen really.  But I am a little more encouraged these days.   Why?  Well is not the only one that can do a little research.  And it turns out, some of the evidence has been there from the very beginning.  Behold:

Agents with blaster pistols and not just blaster rifles:

NPC’s (representing Agents and Troopers that I’ve seen so far) using both ranged and melee weapons:

And we’ve seen that Smugglers, Bounty Hunters, and even Jedi can single or dual wield weapons:

So, while we don’t really know anything yet, I am hopeful.  

Now we just need to worry about that whole “Jedi Wizard” business.  I don’t think anyone is cool with that.

5 thoughts on “As It Turns Out, I’m Not The Only One.

  1. Interesting thoughts. I agree, there is know real reason a Jedi would be limited to sabers,as far as I can tell.

    And Star Wars geeks are a “special” breed.

    1. Indeed they are. It adds a new level of insanity to the usual pre-launch, pre-beta speculation fights. In one of the forums, they are currently debating the meaning of “melee.” I kid you not.

  2. I want to be a Jedi Wizard…

    just to spite you. Ha! 😀

    No, in all seriousness, I don’t anticipate getting SWTOR because I intend for FFXIV to be my last MMO (although GW2 is looking very tempting, too). But I was a bit bummed they made an all-mutation spec not really viable in FE, and I have the same disappointment if I was unable to make an all-Force Jedi in TOR. I realize the former is more of a “sandbox” than the latter, but what’s wrong with letting people play how they want to? As long as it’s not totally gimped/overpowered, I think that’s a noble goal.

    1. I’m actually a little more comfortable with the term now than I was to begin with, but I still think they could do alot better. Jedi Shadows are clearly better off using the traditional name for that role: Jedi Watchmen. I can only assume there were some…PC concerns about that name. Jedi Shadows were basically undercover cops. Not a role you can really play in an MMO.

      There is a real good opportunity here to name that advanced class in a way that contributes to the lore of Star Wars – and I’m just not sure “wizard” meets the expectation levels we have. Personally I’d go with “seer” or “prophet.”

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