5 thoughts on “Gee That Looks Familiar.

  1. That’s funny. Of course, you could find similar shots from the movies themselves, esp. the Prequel Trilogy. For example, the chase between Jango Fett and Obi-wan above Geonosis (sp?), or the the approach to Grievious’ ship during the Battle of Coruscant. Heck, you could include the Podrace, the Death Star trench and the Second DeathStar interior; plus other games like the first vector graphics Star Wars arcade game and another Trilogy arcade game made after RotJ, IIRC.

    My point is all these games follow the feel of the movies. X-Wing and Tie Fighter were aberrations in this respect. Great, wonderful, awesome aberrations, but aberrations nonetheless.

    /nerdrant 🙂

    1. Of course, and I have no problem with the decision to do space combat this way. I just thought it was funny to see them so similiarly done, in regards to targeting reticles, pinpointing particular parts of capital ships, guns/missiles, etc.

      The opening scenes of Ep III are insanely good. I wish they had made it more of a general battle scene rather than a close in focus on Obi and Ani though.

      1. Lol another late-term response, just going through and reviewing some of your posts. I agree on both points about EpIII: great sequence but could have been better. Too much cutesy comedy for the kids, methinks. But the entire prequel trilogy suffers from the same thing. The OT was at least adult oriented I thought, but the PT was made for children.

      2. After the PT was completed and I had some time to reflect, I decided that the lack of technology is really what saved Lucas’ butt in the OT. Those limitations meant that he couldn’t really make the movie he wanted, and actually reigned in some of his more irritating tendancies – and the end result was legendary. By the time of the TV shows these limitations were starting to slip, and by the time of the PT there was no way (and by this time no one) to keep him in check – and the end result was, as expected, a little disappointing.

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