A Step Forward.

Bioware released more information today, in this case updating and expanding information about the Smuggler class – including pictures and a walkthrough of their new ship, the XS Stock Light Freighter (of course, as we all know, it is anything but stock…).

I’m not much on rehashing what has already been said, or making this a link dump for all things new and exciting (for any game).  What did interest me was the first comment I saw on the posting thread, from user Crez:

Which made me think that maybe he was right.  I’m a little nervous about the rails – I definitely do not agree with limiting race and class combinations, and I’m not sure I’m all that comfortable even with the “class determines ship” mentality.

But then I saw the response to that comment:

And I agreed with that too.  There is alot to appreciate here, and we can’t get too jaded.  Bioware is taking a step forward in terms of story and most importantly perhaps – in terms of roleplaying.  I think many developers have forgotten their roots.  They have been pretty obviously making MMO’s.  But as far as I’m concerned, if that’s all you’ve made,  you’re a failure.  I don’t know about you, but I signed onto this genre 8 years ago to play MMORPG’s – not MMO’s.   Biowares background ensures RPG elements in the game.  Its not as much as people like me would want – but it is a step in the right direction, and so I find myself more and more biting back some of my critiques of the game.

Of course, many people are just tired of the debate:

Sometimes they have the best perspective of all.

Even if their name is Darth Precious.



2 thoughts on “A Step Forward.

  1. Lawl, Darth Precious. Great points made by everyone. There may be more variety in class race combos in other games, but Star Trek Online is the game I have played where any race could be any class. And there are really only three classes.

    Other games like, WoW are only very superficially customizable (face, hair, etc.), which I am sure will be part of SWTOR. The ship and companion is an interesting question, again using WOW as an example: “Hey human what do you want for a mount, a white horse or a brown horse?” Hunter pets are not customizable, though you tame just about anything. And Warlocks are even worse off in that regard.

    And most RP in RPGs, even tabletops, is driven by the players themselves. The game at best only provides a framework.

    1. No disagreements here either. I think roleplaying hinges on storytelling and the players certainly have to buy into that story and make it their own as well.

      I think many of us hoped that STO would be fertile ground to some roleplaying, but there was little in the games framework that allowed for it. Back in the day we used to just gather in a field and RP with chat – these days, we hope for something a little more than that!

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