As you may or may not have noticed, I have  been updating on Tuesdays and Saturdays recently.  It was not a planned pattern, but one that emerged naturally.  So its not set in stone, but it is a pattern nonetheless.  Save for this past Saturday.  My wife volunteered to be a leader for my daughters Brownie Camperee (sp?) experience, and I found myself without a lot of time to sit down and ruminate or even to play.  And that because my parents and brother are in town both to help with the weekend and enjoy part of the kids fall break from school.

Which also means that I spend my evenings in live gaming sessions rather than online ones.  Unfortunately though, we haven’t really had any gaming sessions other than shooting the breeze about various topics, including PnP RPG’s and the SWTOR beta information.

Hence, little to write about.  And I can’t even fluff with screenshots.   Sadness.


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