Another Step Closer…

I spent a little time playing STO again last night as my brother worked on a paper, my parents recuperated from helping with the kids all weekend and my wife crashed out to catch up on her sleep.   It didn’t go as smoothly as before, or at least it didn’t feel like it, perhaps because I played the same amount of time and only managed one level.

I was abouth halfway through the second mission when I started getting odd flashbacks.  I finally realized that I was remembering the mission from my days in the Beta.  I remembed not liking it, and it being overly difficult and slow.   And behold – nothing had changed.  Still it was good experience and it was good for a nice screenshot.

The Lafayette joins an ad hoc fleet including a Typhoon-class battleship, a cruiser, and a pair of escorts.

I’m going to have to give in and do an RP/IC post with STO at some point.  Its a game that practically begs you to RP, much like LotRO, and while I normally do that on my time, I may have to post some up here.  I forgot to check last night if any of my out-of-game acquaintences were in game – but then I don’t necessarily have all their contact information either!  If you are one of those players of STO, let me know how (and more importantly perhaps – when) I can best catch up to you.

I keep hoping for some word on the Nebula class by the way.  Its been a favorite of mine since it first appeared in ST:TNG.  The Akira is nice and all, but really I was going to get it because I am not a big fan of that Tier science vessel.  Getting the Nebula instead would certainly streamline my skill points spending.   ETA:  Upon further research, it appears that the Nebula is actually one of the top tier refit ships.  So…so much for that idea. 

I still have no idea how to do the Diplomacy missions, which I have a hunch I will enjoy alot.  I have a feeling it has to do with a few of the quests I have in my log to pick up so and so or talk to so and so.  But most of those require me stopping in at a Starbase or Earth, and I’m still clearing out some missions amidst the stars.  Home can wait.


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  1. If you’re looking for RP, try hitting up the STORP channel – there’s usually someone on who can help point you to current RP hotspots. Or at least commiserate that there are none currently going.

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