STO Protip: Ship Layouts

I finally looped back into Earthdock last night after finishing up all the missions I could down “south.”  My next leg of assignments carries me to a different front in the battle.  Which is slightly frustrating.  One would think that finishing up a front would coincide with a bump in rank, in this case, that I would hit commander and be transferred in the storyline to a new front complete with a new ship.  Alas, real life and STO are not that serendipitous (no idea if I spelled that correctly – or even if it’s a real word). 

I took advantage of the time in Earthdock to sell off the big items (I tend to scrap small cheap items to the replicator to save room while out and about, but hang on to the big items until I can get a better return for them in a station) and do some skill management.  I also dropped by the Shipyard and Ship Requisition rooms and I learned a few things.

One is that I can indeed get the Excelsior once I hit commander, which means the same should be true of the Nebula as well, once it releases.  There are also “retrofit” kits available for both if you wish to continue the ship once you hit endgame.  So I’ll be leveling with a hope and expectation of of it releasing in time for me to choose it as my free upgrade ship.  I will probably by an Akira as well.  Over the final two tiers in the game, the only other ship I want is the Research Science Vessel, so I’m good on ship slots I think.

Hey, welcome to Ten Forward. Maximum Occupancy: 500. Crew Size: 100.

Anyway, the real reason of this post was to address my concerns about ship interiors – turns out, you can vary them at least a little bit.  When I went into ship Customization to look at maybe changing the colors on the Lafayette, I took a look at bridges too.  I like the small bridge I have now – fitting considering the size and crew of ship I have, but I wanted to see what options there were.  And behold  – if you click on the Bridges tab in the Ship Customization interface, there is a new tab along the top of the LCARS window that opens, entitled “Layouts.”  You can change the layout between Small, Medium, and Large for 1,000 energy credits, the same cost for changing the colors of your bridge.  Mine was set to Medium, so I switched it to Small.

The result is that the mile long hallway disappears but the rooms stay the same.  I found this a little disappointing, that I still have quarters large enough to host half the crew in a party, and that the crew lounge looks like the lobby of the MGM Grand…but at least it looks like its all packed into the about half the hull, leaving a reasonable amount of room for engineering, assuming the saucer holds the rest of the crew quarters (logistically an odd layout, but doable nonetheless).

I’m tempted to spend two grand more myself – just to see what the large layout looks like.  But I don’t have any alts, so maybe thats a good way to see it without having to really pay for it, eh?


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  1. Another option would be to jump onto Tribble (the test shard) and spend your money there, just to see the interiors. Trust me though: it’s just a different hallway. As you saw with “small,” the rooms are the same. But 1000 credits isn’t a ton.

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