Good Things, Small Packages

I am home from vacation, yay!   A few things that need addressing before we get full swing into the posting week:

1)  I came home to good news too, I was one of the winners of The Ancient Gaming Noob’s EVE Screenshot Contest.  I’ll be honest, I pretty much submitted a variety of shots that covered as many categories as possible – but I had no idea that there was a “most orange” category.   Not that that makes the win any less fun.  I am due to re-up my account this week, and the extra 10 million will come in quite handy!

2) As some of you may have seen, I got a very special email this week.  I’m still awaiting some confirmation that was, in fact, the real deal, but at this point  I don’t really have any reason to suspect otherwise.  I am impressed, and I have to take back my PR relations failure assessment.  If Trion is trolling the game blogging community looking for feedback and checking things out, and keeping open lines of communication – well, thats a huge PR win.

3) I have decided to engage in NaNoWriMo this year.  I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now, but after sitting in on the intimate Q&A sessions with some of world class authors at LibertyCon this year – I just have to do it.   I have to do it not to be published or be a full time author – but so I can look at myself in the mirror and say “I wrote a full length novel.”   Which is something I grew up believing I could never accomplish.  If anyone else wants to jump in this year – I’m happy to support you in whatever way possible!

4) I’m sticking by my guns – Cataclysm will be the highwater mark for WoW.  It will be all downhill after this.  Nothing lasts forever, even the 800 pound gorilla.

5 thoughts on “Good Things, Small Packages

  1. Ghanur

    -1- Indeed, EVE is a strange place *g*

    -3- A novel, wow! – I myself write short stories, last one published was 2006… I really should start writing again ;).

    -4- Yes, Blizzard can only be stopped by ActivisionBlizzard – and they’re right on track *eg*

    1. I write short stories myself, always because I’ve found the idea of writing anything longer to be daunting. So this is me facing down that fear. (-:

      Yes, a company is always its own worst enemy. Ford canned the T-Bird at the point of its highest sales. Disney folded their animation units while still raking in millions a year. And I think you are absolutely correct in your assessment of ActivisionBlizzard.

  2. My excitement for Cataclysm isn’t nearly as high as it was for WotLK. I don’t think I’ll care about whatever comes after.

    Awesome on the NaNoWriMo pledge. A few more of us are out there. I’m on there as Rowanblaze, if you need/want a buddy. It’s my first attempt, too.

    1. Great, I haven’t created my account there yet, need to do that, and I will definitely send over a buddy request.

      If our hunches are right about WoW, that means that there will be a rather large void opening in the market – wonder which of the triple-A launches scheduled for the next year or so will be stepping up to that pie…

    2. Man, I called that. Barely played Cata, and only “tried” MoP for a few hours in September. WoW is nothing more thany fond memories for me now.

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