See Now, SWTOR, That Wasn’t So Hard Was It?

Get it while its sorta warm.  Sorry, I’ve been running all morning.   Kids + Friday before Halloween = multiple “Fall Parties” in school.

Bonus points for anyone who can tell me what of that information wasn’t up to quality level last Friday.  Or if you think it was delayed a week for some other reason.

Don’t let my droll attitude fool you by the way.  Imperial Agent, as I’ve mentioned previously is far and away the most awesome class in my mind, and I am *very* excited that the information is finally out.   Especially since – by my calculations, this keeps us on schedule for a Spring Release.  And that is my biggest excitement.

Unlike what some have said on the forums though…I’m not a big fan of the ship.

Okay, scratch that, I just noticed the Phantom has a bar.  A bar.  A freaking wet bar.  I’m in.

Alcohol. The Empire Has It. The Jedi Don't.