The Do-It-Yourself MMO

ETA: Egads!  Apologies for all the typo’s.  Must be Thanksgiving holiday or something!

That’s my new nickname for Star Wars Galaxies.  I was initially very excited to hear that a free week was being handed out.  So I logged in this afternoon to doodle around with my favorite character, a Rodian Officer.   And promptly had to relearn everything.  The controls in SWG are utterly alien compared to standard MMO’s.  Right clicking, rather than pulling up information, is a good way to get yourself killed if you have the wrong NPC targeted.  Getting into your speeder is easy – getting out is rather difficult.  You can waste credits on a ticket to another planet – or if you are savvy you can just call up your own personal starship on your datapad.  Banking terminals…don’t actually let you “bank” anything other than cash.

For all...okay some...okay, NONE, of your banking needs...

And part of my frustration is that if I can survive and thrive amidst the learning cliff that is EVE – why the hell is SWG so hard for me to wrap my head around?  It should be a cake walk compared to EVE.  But then again, I’ve had good mentors in EVE from almost the first week of play.  In SWG I literally have no one.

The odd thing is, the more I get frustrated, the more I want to stick with it.  I’d like nothing better than to have someone in SWG show me the ropes and g ive me tips.  But I just don’t think its going to happen.  The game age of the playerbase is such that there are a little jaded against new players – and why wouldn’t they be?  The learning curve is such that I’m sure at this point not many new players stick with it – and if every vet spent their time training new players who disappeared two or four weeks later, they’d be ready to quit too.

Anyway, I have five more days to play around for free and see what I can come up with, and I’m determined to make some progress this time around.


4 thoughts on “The Do-It-Yourself MMO

  1. I’m a long time SWG veteran. My internet is awful right now, pending some repairs, but at the very least I can give you some advice if you want it.

      1. My internet is now fixed.

        While I’m planning a return to WoW to play with my dad, I’m certainly up for a romp in SWG if I have someone to run with. It’s utterly tedious alone.

      2. Lol, yeah I’ve noticed that myself. I will be pulling up a Station Pass sometime in the next week, and plan to keep it going for awhile. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

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