This Changes Everything…

EVE Online’s learning skills are going bye bye.

This has been an often requested change, but I’m really shocked to see it being put into place.  It certainly does make likfe a little easier for new players, shaving a little edge off that learning cliff that we talk so much about. 

The really exciting part is getting to directly apply those skill points from the learning catagory.  For me this amounts to about 850,000 skill points to redistribute as I see fit.   What does that mean for me?

A) Skipping the 19 day wait to train Amarr Industrial V for Transport Ships.

B) Skipping the 14 day wait to train Heavy Assault Missiles V.

C) Jumping Mining Barge to V so that I can move into a Hulk and leave that old Retriever behind.

And then there is the unorthodox options:

D) Cut the learning time for Amarr Battleship V in half…I don’t need to tell you where this could lead, do I?

E)  Cut the learning time to almost nothing for any other Cruiser skill to V…

F)  Setting myself up in T2 Small/Medium Projectiles or Hybrids.  I can’t tell you how temping Projectiles is.  T2 artillery on the Pilgrim FTW.

Anyway you slice it, this is an exciting change for both new players and veterans of the game.  Two thumbs up here.

7 thoughts on “This Changes Everything…

  1. Ghanur

    Decisions, decisions, … *gg*

    For me it’ll be 1,8 Mio – and several options to distribute…
    A) Leadership, will get me to FC III
    B) Caldari Cruiser V
    C) Large Projectile Turrets to V -or- Lager Energy Turrets to V

    A Propehcy with T2 Arties is a nice Ship *g* – to tell the truth, any Amarr ship without bonus to laser damage/RoF/opt/falloff is a good ship with projectiles.

  2. Thac0

    That sort of makes me really want to go back and distribute all those SP and have fun with them. Now what account do i activate Hmmmm.

  3. Ghanur, that’s alot of SP to redistribute! KK says Large Projectiles are all the rage these days with their high Alpha, but the temptation to have the ability to fly a Falcon is pretty tempting eh?

    Thac0, that’s easy – whichever account gives you the most points to play with! (-;

  4. Adventurer Historian

    So I’m thinking about getting (back) into EVE. Picked up the Commissioned Officer box and everything! Suggestions, friend?

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