Great Posts V…or is it IV?

H/T to DarthHater contributor Dover for putting together a nice article about some things that MMORPG’s could bring to the table to enrich their gaming experience.

Though DarthHater covers SWTOR and the article references it, this article holds true for all future MMORPG’s, and says alot of things that I think are not only good, but necessary, if the MMORPG genre is going to hold up in the market over the next decade.

2 thoughts on “Great Posts V…or is it IV?

  1. I agree completely. The problem with MMO’s right now is the sole motivator for doing things is loot. Even if the gameplay is boring or repetitive as long as their is loot people will do it, and enjoy being locked in this skinner box. TOR is deifnitley bringing the fun back to mmos. Kudos on this post H.

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