Skill Point Expenditure

Its been awhile since I last gave you all a peak at my skill queue, so here it is:

Now I pretty much have narrowed things down to Transport Ships.  Basically I just thought about the list and asked myself one question:

What among these things do I really want, but don’t really want to waste two weeks of training on.  And that answer was Transport Ships.  I mean, they are very useful, especially since we operate out of a hi-sec island, its all but a necessity to move things in and out in any sort of quantity.  But I really do not want to waste 17 days training it. 

This way I can scratch that out and proceed down the more fun and incrementally rewarding path of T2 Projectiles.

On the down side, I’m scraping together funds mightily.  I have enough for the ship itself, now I just have to put together enough for the dang skill book.  I still haven’t blitzed enough missions to open up any suitable level 3’s or 4’s.  And I haven’t been a consistant enough player to really partner up with my old buddy to run level 4’s enough to earn a steady source of income.  I may have to bite the bullet and move back into our old Minmatar stomping grounds and gather up some cash.  Alternately I suppose I could drop into the low sec pocket and do some ratting.

That’s always been an option available but one I’ve never really looked into.  What kind of ship does one use for lo-sec ratting?  With T2 small projectiles only 2 days away, can I get away with using a T2 fitted Rifter or my Malediction?  Or do I need something bigger?

Yes, I could use the Pilgrim, but…the old adage is “don’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose” – and I can’t afford to lose her right now, not with my cash strapped situation.  Same with the Damnation.  I am hanger rich and wallet poor.  Your suggestions, as always, are welcome!

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