2010 Predictions Review

I see others are reviewing their 2010 predictions.  As I said, I totally missed the boat on this last year, but it was a fun exercise.  I recommend to you other peoples predictions ahead of my own.  Nonetheless, here you go.  First up, my five predictions…

Five Predictions…

1.  Despite the obvious interest and backing they could generate, no on will announce work on a Transformers or G.I. Joe MMORPG in the coming year.   Which is probably fine, because if the movies are any indication, their ability to completely trash the IP is unparalleled.

Yeah, this was kinda off the cuff, but its true.  And I was right.  The closest we came to anything was a Transformers shooter.  Yuck.  Give me a cell-shaded 80’s style Transformers MMORPG and I would be a lifetime subber in a heartbeat. 

2.  Bethesda will finally…officially… announce their Elder Scrolls MMO.  Also, this is a hunch, but…it won’t be set in Tamriel.  I know it would make no sense not to use their established IP, but…companies don’t always do the smart thing.

Maybe?  A new Elder Scrolls game is coming – finally.  But the company will not comment on if its an MMO or not.  Which is odd.  If its a single player game – why did it take four years to announce it – five to launch it?  And just what the hell has your online division been doing for the last several years while all this has been going on?  One thing I did for sure get wrong here – this will be set in Tamriel, specifically in Skyrim.  On the flipside, if we have dragons returning, we could be watching for a cataclysm-style reboot (no I won’t capitalize that – they weren’t the first to do that).

3.  SWTOR will not be released in 2010.

Yep.  Back then there was a debate about whether TOR would drop in fall of 2010 or spring of 2011.  We now know it will be spring of 2011, and I feel, we can even confidently narror that down to April of 2011.  This has been a deep investment for Bioware, and by all the Beta accounts, the game is in balancing and polishing time right now.  So there will be no need to delay.  The sooner in their fiscal year BW launches this, the greater their return at the end of the fiscal year.  Anyway, nothing awesome about this one.  When in doubt about an MMO release, err on the side of “later.”

4.  WAR will finally announce what everyone has been waiting for – more races and classes.  I’m betting Wood Elves and Vampire Counts.

No.  WAR continues to believe that it is the greatest thing since sliced bread as is, despite evidence to the contrary.  And what would bring others into the game, is in face keeping people like me out.  Fallen Earth is starting to move in this same direction (“PvP at the expense of everything else”) and its  going to push me out of that game eventually too.

5.  EVE will finally get ambulated.  They won’t have a choice – its time to step up to the plate, or let STO own a patch of the space mmo business that they don’t have a flag already planted on.

No.  It might would have happened if STO had created more of an impact on the market.  Still, for all the banging on STO, its holding its own, and it continues to offer something other MMO’s don’t – periodic, free PvE content updates.  Still EVE is headed this way.  I’m not sure why.  Ambulation makes zero sense lore or game wise, that’s for sure.

So that’s, uh 2.5 out of 5 if you count the Elder Scrolls maybe as half correct. 

As for my Mosts:

My most anticipated release of 2010 was entirely correct.  There really wasn’t any other MMO I was looking for in 2010.  And I did dip into the year long sub so I have played it off and on all year.

My most anticipated failure will take some time to pan out.  I still think Cataclysm is the high water mark for WoW.  And I see some early reports that this might be true.  The hardcore players I know blew through all the content within a week.  And now they are bored and restless, again.  One of them started a new race/class combo – and is halfway to cap already.  One of them is asking me about EQ2X, and the other is giving up his sub in favor of Call of Duty action.  Which is why MMO’s trending toward PvP is insanity.  Why would you want to compete with juggernauts like CoD that can not only whip you ass with numbers, but can put out new games faster than you could ever dream of doing so…

My most anticipated beta didn’t hold.  I have been in the Rift beta – and I’m still trying to figure out if the NDA has been lifted or not – if you have some insight let me know, I’d love to tell you alllll about it – and would love a spot in the Star Wars beta, but those are rare as hens teeth apparently.  And there is no real evidence that the Secret World even *has* a beta yet.  I think maybe Funcom dropped their teaser trailers a weeee bit too early.

My least?

My least anticipated releases held as well.  I really have no interest if there is no RPG element.  Industry dudes:  learn it, love it – or die by it.

My least wanted game death, fortunately did not come to pass.  If anything, it got alot of love this year.  With Pirates of the Burning Sea going free to play, it  got a new lease on life.  I’m ashamed to say I haven’t even gotten a chance to play it yet.  I guess I need to give it some love as well.  Expect a PotBS post or three later this month.  In fact, nothing really got a plug pulled on it this year did it?  Even Alganon managed to chug along despire the hellstorm it went through.

And finally my most watched game of last year was Heroes of Telara, which got a rename as Rift.  And it was indeed my most watched game of 2010.  And I really want to tell you about it.  Alot. 

So in about a week, I’ll lay out 5 new predictions, and a new set of most and least.  We’ll see how 2011 pans out m’kay?

8 thoughts on “2010 Predictions Review

  1. Rift is no longer under NDA. Feel free to blab away.

    APB was shut down over the past year, but that was a psuedo-MMO at best.

    EVE Ambulation. I can’t imagine this being any more than having to walk to the various spaceport services instead of accessing them via the GUI while docked. Whatever happened to Dust 514?

    Oh, and WAR kinda half-assed Skaven as a new race with 4 classes. I’m not overly enthused by their delivery method as Monsterplay for either faction simultaneously. Makes no damn sense. However, I’d count that as a solid point for your predictions.

    1. Ghanur

      EVE Ambulation is nothing but the early beta to World of Darkness 😉

      Dust 514 got delayed, because of Microsoft. Rumours are, that the M$ policy doesn’t allow for independand parties to setup a “cash shop of their own”, M$ wants pull all the strings itself.
      Maybe Dust is now heading for the PS3, Sony isn’t that greedy… so Dust needs to be optimized for the new system…

    2. I keep hoping APB will get a reboot. It was an untimely demise. Still, it did go down and it does count as an MMORPG in my book!

      I didn’t know you could play as Skaven in WAR. So yeah, that gives me a 3.5!

      Dust…I still don’t know how that will work. Ambulation is just odd. Think about it – in your Pod, your effectively immortal. Outside your Pod, you are a normal person. You are valuable and have many enemies. So you do not go walking around bars in random space stations. Unless you have a death wish.

  2. I love STO, though lately I’ve been playing a alot of WoW, thanks to Cataclysm and a new GF interested in the game. STO is not unique however in offering periodic “free” content updates. Blizzard regularly puts out end-game stuff in successive patches. OTOH, it could be argued that means they ship incomplete expansions, but hey . . .

    I have heard the same thing about people blowing through the new content though. I think those people A) have too much time on their hands, and B) don’t really understand the game, “hardcore” though they may be.

  3. Ghanur

    Cataclysm was released incomplete – even today Blizzard is pushing updates (the new patcher allows for dynamic patching during run-time)… did a quest on Cata release, the quest texts described things, that where not in the game then… some days later, doing the quest chain again with a new alt, those things are present…

    Cataclysm lacks content.

    And only one week after launch, Blizzard offers a free 10 day trial for existing customers to try the expansion – looks like a lot less than anticipated bought it on release…

    As for people blowing through content: after the release XP gain was out of wack, players outgrew those quest hubs too fast (quests going grey while leveling at a normal pace). Going through instances with a far higher level than designed doesn’t slow the XP gain down *eg*.

  4. I’ll let you WoW players argue over Cataclysm’s relative successes and failures then. (-: I just think it was the highwater mark for the game.

    Also, I got feedback on the NDA. Turns out, I can’t really share much with you right now. But I can say I was excited to get the Beta invites and I’m looking forward to the next one. Fair enough?

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