Congratulations to the Massively Blog Winners!

You can see the full list over at their website.  Can’t say I have all that many complaints about their lists:  The Top Ten or the Honorable Mentions either one.  Most of the “ones to watch” I haven’t really had a chance to look over, but a few I’ve heard of and a few I’ve read before.

Certainly a number of their favorites are mine as well.  TAGN and Ysharros are both heavy favorites of mine, and I’ve come to appreciate the efforts of Darth Hater this year…though…I’m not sure they can really be considered a blog so much as a “fan site.”

One the honorable mention list, I frequently read Broken Toys and MMO Gamer Chick.  I’m also familiar with Ardwulf from the Casualties Guild, and of course anyone who blogs about EVE knows CrazyKinux.

Have fun blogging in the New Year everyone!