Rift: I like it.

Yeah, I’m long overdue for a post about my Beta experiences.  But its taking a long time to write and rewrite and try to capture how I’m feeling about the game.  So if you want the long version, check the post tomorrow.  If you want the short one, the “tl;dr” one, here it is:

I like Rift.  I think its a good game.  I think the developers have listened to feedback and adapted accordingly.  I think it has a very bright future. 

No, its not the complete package.  Yes, it still needs some work to really lay hold of that “dynamic world” dream.  Yes, the actual gameplay is not a brand new bag.

But there is a lot to love here, and alot of good precedent has been set in the development process that is reassuring and tells me that I like where this game is trending to in the future. 

ETA:  No, I have not read Massively’s hands on impressions yet.  And they did not prompt this post.  I prompted this post because I am tardy in putting up my review.

6 thoughts on “Rift: I like it.

  1. I didn’t know a lot about Rift before I started playing the first beta, and I admit I was a bit underwhelmed when I finally got to experience it for myself after being inundated with the rave responses after the Massively beta launch trailer. Despite that, I like it too, a lot. I think they have all the right ingredients, now they just need to do some tweaking. The game’s premise along the committed team behind it makes me believe Rift has a lot of potential.

    1. Rift is a game that I think grows on you with time. That’s kind of an oddity in the MMO world – outside of perhaps EVE. But I think its for the same reason. The more you understand the class system, the more you get what Trion is trying to do, the more you get out of the game. Investment in Rift yields dividends, and that is a positive thing.

      Its not perfect, but if you need a fantasy home, and don’t currently have one, I think its a good one to pick.

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