Meanwhile, in the TOR forums…

Stephen Reid and George Zoellner desperately try *** to put out the torches and Force Push the pitchforks in another direction.  The only question you need to ask yourself is why this is necessary in the first place.  If you don’t know the answer by now, you’ll probably need to pass through a few more MMO releases before it clicks.

Launch or GTFO!


You know what I just realized today (besides the fact that Bioware desperately needs more time)?  The last day of Spring in 2011 is June 21st.  That’s a Tuesday.  You know what happen’s on Tuesdays don’t you?  MMO’s get released.  Wonder if that’s a coincidence.

In any case, Bioware has somewhere between 9 weeks and 23 weeks to put this game in your hands, or they will join the fail parade I posted above.  And if they join the fail parade I posted above, the entire MMO world will go BOOM.

Zee end iz nigh.


Tick-tock EA/Bioware/Mythic…tick…tock…

*** ETA:  Those of you who clicked that link later rather than sooner got solid proof of Bioware’s Noobness.  We give a fluff Friday update containing nothing of substance – and then in the middle of a 500 comment thread we drop a *huge* piece of information that the community would have given their right pinky to have access to.  Followed by another update in another random thread that is also pretty big.  Believe it or not, this may be a good thing.  Its indication that BW is blundering through this process without a clue, instead of keeping us in the dark on purpose.  Either way though, it could still lead to the conclusion hinted at in this post…


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in the TOR forums…

  1. Well, even if Bioware/EA fails, it’ll be not the end of the world (as we know it *g*), and SW:TOR has to fail, if only to show that big money, and arrogant behavior, can’t buy a victory.

    Several smaller developers will survive, even with pay-per-month subscriptions, not even talking about Sony (the former giant in the business), Activision will go nowhere, too-big-to-fail, like EA.

    Many will go to pay-2-win (the real meaning of free-2-play) and fail too *eg*.

    It’s not about the business model, it’s about the community a game caters/cares for (or not, in case of Bioware *eg*). Being open and ‘truthful’ is the not so new key to success.

    WoW is a thing of the past, the AOL of online gaming *g*, no one will ever reach such subscription numbers again. OTOH, no one has to reach those big numbers to survive.

    Make a good game, care for your customers, treat them good – profit *gg*.


    PS: and now with an WordPress account, it’s your fault *ggg*

  2. Granted that Blizzard doesn’t even get it perfect (i.e., hotfixes, bugs, etc.). But why announce a realease date before the game is ready, or at least very close to ready? Blizz’ stance is usually “It’ll be ready when it’s ready, now go back to your homes.” Bioware has a lot of work to do, I just hope they get it done, before their self-imposed deadline.

  3. Just thought I should note, I’ve gotten over 45 spam comments in the last 12 hours. I’ve never had that kind of volume before.

    You both make some good points. But if TOR is a dud, it will reshape not only the financial aspects of the market, but other parts as well. For example, the industry will embrace PvP more and more and PvE will become the afterthought – we are already trending in that direction. Ten years ago, it was the complete opposite.

    1. 15 years ago it was PvP 😉
      – Meridian59 (good)
      – Ultima Online (not so good)

      Because of the shortcomings of UOs PvP the next games afterwards went PvE, with some ‘ghetto’-servers for the PvP crowd. Only DAoC went full PvP, in their case RvR – and succeded.

      Every other game either went PvE only or failed in implementing PvP (for different reasons).

      WoW is a PvE design, where some not so bright designer(s) forced arena-PvP on the players – nothing worked out of the box, and bit by bit, the classes where ‘balanced’ more and more… getting beta all the time…

      My Point: a system with specialist classes will not work in small scale (arena) PvP, never has, never will.
      Either go big like DAoCs Realm-vs-Realm with a lot of space to move (or a PvP sandbox like EVE), or you’re better off with designing a FPS – where everyone is the same.
      Next point: any system with only 2 sides failed, DAoC had 3 factions for a good reason.

      If they are going for PvP, lets hope they do it right – I fear, the usual suspects in game design will fail PvP like they failed PvE.
      A good PvP design will handle some PvE part in its game world fine – we only need some good designers *eg*.

      1. Meh, it was PvP first because that was easier and cheaper than trying to design open world AI. And actually developers are still lazy about designing open world AI. Well, except for Bethesda.

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