My Name is HZero, and I am an MMO Addict…


…and I’ve been subscription free for two whole days. [golf clap]

Yep, my active subscriptions are all now inactive subscriptions or at least, dead end ones. Fallen Earth and Eve Online came to an end this week. More with a whimper than a bang. I finished T2 Medium Projectile weapons just before the EVE sub ended, and my brother and I cleared out the last of the Tier 1 AP quests just before the Fallen Earth sub ended. My STO subscription lingers until March, since I did the one year prepayment, but I’ve known I wouldn’t be re-subbing there for a long time, and its been a couple of months since I’ve logged in there.

I did some checking, and as far as I can tell, this is the first time since somewhere in 2006 that I haven’t had an active monthly subscription somewhere. It feels kinda weird. Its not as big a deal as it would have been a few years ago, with all the F2P titles floating around. And I will probably drop into EQ2X and PotBS. Still no real interest in LotRO. I hear I get another 10 days free of WoW with the release of Cataclysm, which, if nothing else, will generate a fun blogging post or two. And then, there’s all those tasty Rift Beta events.

Breaking News - HZero's MMO Addiction Turns Deadly.  Film at 11.

Or maybe its just time to return to single-player world for awhile. Fallout 3, Oblivion, Alpha Protocol are all ones in my box to play.

In any case, I’m kinda looking at this time as a virtual “palate cleanser” before the hard hitting one-two Spring punch of Rift and TOR. Assuming TOR launches in the Spring (and while June may be Spring on the calender anything that happens after school lets out is Summer as far as I’m concerned).

The bonus for you, dear reader – is that you get to hear more from me in the interim. Rejoice.


4 thoughts on “My Name is HZero, and I am an MMO Addict…

  1. AyAitch

    Dude, I have a very similar problem! I buy MMOs, play the ‘free month’, maybe sub for a little longer — and then call it quits. Or, if the game is F2P, I buy it and then DON’T LOG IN. I’m looking at you, Guild Wars and Global Agenda.

    1. I’ve had a few that have sucked me in over the years (EQOA, WoW, EVE) but most of the time, yeah, I don’t last long. Oddly enough, I like almost all of them – just not enough to devote the time to them that most players seem able to do.

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