..Or Not.

Apparently addictions are hard to break.  Especially in this case, when I had no control over it!  Long story short, I’m not as unsubbed as I thought I was:

In Soviet Russia, EVE Online subscribes to you.

Acer Tinkari,

You recently purchased 60 days of game time for 19.95, and your goal was more than likely to be in game for the Incursion expansion and the incredible new features it brings to EVE Online. As you may know, the release date was changed, moving arrival of the character creator and the epic Sansha invasions to later this month.

We are happy to inform that we have extended your paid period to January 31st, insuring that your account will be active for this amazing third installment of our 14th expansion, Incursion.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes,
– EVE Online Dev Team

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