SWTOR Delayed?

So says some insider sources on the development team, according to MCV.   I’m not sure I buy it though.

I know, weird, because I’m so pessimissitic about the game so much.

But keep in mind that when games are delayed, usually the first indication is from leaked Beta reports that indicate that the game is really bad or is going to fail.   So far the Beta leaks and tester feedback have been pretty positive.

Secondly, we have Bioware acting like the fact that they were going to be a Pax was some unusual information.  And they’ve asked for feeback from the community on ideas to make their booth area more awesome.  Leading to speculation that something big is coming at Pax – like a release date.

I’m not saying the report is not true, but…at the moment, without any supporting evidence, I’m pretty skeptical.

ETA:  Also, as late as yesterday evening, TOR representatives were confirming a Spring launch date.


3 thoughts on “SWTOR Delayed?

  1. Hey nice find on that confirmation. Though I still have my doubts it will be out in Spring. September isn’t out of the realm of possibility, like I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that way, but I’m still banking on late summer.

    1. My feelings on release date are wrapped around the history of pushbacks. We all want to say that pushbacks are to make the game better or for polish, but pushbacks are just as often about missing content and systems. With the dark cloud of suspicion that has followed this game around thus far, a pushback would only heighten the tension.

      1. AyAitch

        I think there are also very good tactical/strategic reasons to push back releases — for instance, DCUO wisely decided not to go up against Cataclysm.

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