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  1. Thanks for the tips. Just started playing (non-stop) 2 days ago. Being a noob, I’m usually one of the first ones dead, so I have been spending a lot of time waiting for the fight to end. Good to know I can exit out and get to the next fight sooner.

    • Your welcome! This has been a popular page, and I myself have learned a few things in the 1500 or so battles I’ve had since I read this. I think it may be time to do a sequel post!

  2. Tip for upgrading: sell your old tanks, but don’t sell them before you have unlocked the next tank you are aiming on! Maybe it’s better to sell after you have purchased your next tank and use the money you receive from selling your old tank to upgrade you new tank.

    • A good point Arjen. Along with that, I usually strip my tanks down to stock before I sell them and hang on to the modules. So many of them carry over to future tiers that it saves money in the long run.

      • Another tip. Don’t switch to the next tier till you get your crew to 100% with the ability unlocked. There for you swap the crew over. Retrain you will have the bonus. And just have to get the crew to 100% again. But if it like most, you will get that done before you get to the next tank in the tier.

  3. How do I switch to a new tank if I’ve researched it? I started with the MS-1, did a few battles, got exp, did the research… now I have an “Elite” MS-1 (yay?) and a bunch of other variants researched – SU-18, BT-2, T-26, and AT-1. Problem is – HOW do I switch to one of those? Do I have to buy it or something? Clicking on it just brings up the tech tree for that variant. Please help, thanks!

    • First the most pressing concern – switching tanks. And don’t worry, many new players have this confusion! On the bar across the top of the screen, just under the battle button, there are several options – Depot, Store, Statistics, Tech Tree, etc. You want to click on store, and then select your new tank and purchase it. Generally speaking, you will want to sell your old tank first, and that can be done through the Depot button.

      Maybe not in this case, though, as the MS-1 won’t net you any cash, unless you sell the upgraded components too – something I don’t recommend. When I sell, I first go to the components bar, just underneath the tank, and re-equip all the baseline equipment (the ones listed last/on bottom). PRO-TIP – go left to right so you don’t get errors about turret compatibility or weight limits. Why do I do this? A lot of equipment is shared between tanks. If you buy an upgraded gun, then sell it (for less money), only to have to buy it again on the next tier tank – you’ve lost cash!

      I will also usually keep my crew – you can click on each of them and “send to barracks.” This probably doesn’t matter a whole lot below Tier 6, with how quickly you switch/retrain for new vehicles, but the longer the grind (the higher the tier) the more you want to hang on to them, because they have a better chance of maxing base skill and working on advanced skills. And while base skill dips with each new tank – advanced skills hang around with no drop off, forever after! I do keep a crew for each pathway though. For example I have a crew that I use for all German medium tanks as I climb that bracket. Why? Because then I can track, through their statistics (yeah the game tracks stats for each crew member as well!), how well I do with that particular category.

      As for the MS-1 being elite – that really doesn’t help all that much if you are a free player. The only thing it does for you is allow you to convert the free XP over to another tank – but that costs money. It can also be used to accelerate crew training, but again, at the lower tiers, its not going to be worth the time invested. You are better off grabbing the next tank up.

      Hope that helps, feel free to post up any other questions you may have. And you can always look for me ingame in the evenings if you like – under the handle HZero.

      • You can also purchase the tank right from the tech tree. If you hover over the tank to be researched, it will display the silver and research cost, and how much more you need. When it turns bright green you can click “research”. When it turns bright orange you can “Purchase”. This is how I work my way up every line.

  4. If you sell a tank with it’s crew can you get that same experienced crew back. Sold it but forgot to send the crew to barracks first

  5. Should i sell the elite tanks?? should i complete all the upgrades before selling the tanks? doing that i can buy the next tank?

    • Shan, it depends on a couple of things. Elite tanks tend to make better credits because they do well against other tanks and in the matchmaker lineup – plus you will have good experience by that point to know how to get the most out of the tank. So if you need credits and enjoy the tank – hang on to it.

      If you are eager to move up though, there is nothing wrong than skipping upgrades and selling it off to fund the new tank, particularly if you are grinding something you aren’t really a big fan of.

      • Shan, I usually run two or three lines at a time. Its the fastest way to grind as you can jump from match to match as soon as you are destroyed. More than three and you the rotation goes slower than the battles. The only downside is that different tanks have different personalities, so it can be hard to get into the mentality of a USSR heavy and then try to play a US medium, for example.

        For heavy tanks, the T110E5 is considered the best tier 10 heavy right now. The USSR heavies are good all around, but rely more on strategy than firepower. The German heavies are considered underpowered, but will get a boost in the next update. They are slower and more heavily armored, with moderate firepower. I have the T110 and am working on the IS-7 and E-100 right now.

        For TD’s – these depend heavily on your style of play. If you like long range sniper work, the German line and US line without turrets are for you. If you like to get in and mix it up with the other tanks, the USSR and US turret line work well. The French line I like best of all – very fast, powerful guns and excellent speed and agility, but very fragile. Handle with care!

      • Thanks HarbingerZero! anyway another question sir, What can you prefer to me, What Country have the best Heavies and TD’s? I’m kinda confused. but now i used to play with 3 countries to get their heavies, is it good that i play with them at the same time after each battle or should i concentrate on one country to get the tank that i want.?

      • Thank you Sir! :> you never fail to help me a lot. thanks a lot, anyway Sir One more How about the crews can I transfer them to one tank to another in any tank or there is a desirable tank to transfer a crew. thanks Sir and more power. :>

  6. Thank you HarbingerZero as always you really help me a lot! thanks for always responding, One more Sir How about the crews?? For example i got a 100% crew with skills and perks can i transfer it to other tanks? or different nationality?? If i want to sell my Elite tank can I transfer my crews to other tanks? Thanks and more power sir! :>

    • Crew transfers must be to tanks within the same nationality. Until about tier 6, there is no reason to keep a crew unless you have interest in your accumulated statistics with that crew. Transferring crews will need to be retrained and will not keep their 100% unless you pay gold. (How much their percentage drops depends on how different the new tank is – light tank to heavy tank will be a large drop, heavy to heavy would be a smaller one.) They will however, keep their secondary skills, so if you have any, its worth transferring them.

      To do this, when you go to sell the tank, just check the box that says “sent crew to barracks and demount equipment”

      • Say you have a 100% crew, then put them in a newer tank, I realise they have to be re-trained, NOW, after a couple of weeks you send this same crew Back to oringinaal tank, will they retain the original 100% there , or do they need to re-train in old tank again, I mean they already were trained there once, I hope they didn’t for get how to run it, (not sure how game soft-ware handle this.

      • You will have to retrain them again. It seems silly, I assume do it so they can use it as a money sink.

        Of course this doesn’t apply to premium tanks, which is one of their perks and the best way to do the remainder of your retraining, once you have paid for whatever level you had in mind. A tank crew trained for an IS-3 for example, can handle any premium RU heavy tank without retraining.

  7. Hey there
    I am trying to change the command to switch from sniper to normal mode. I want to use keyboard only so mouse scrolldoesnt help. By default it is left-shift, and I want to change it to gain speed. It isn’t possible in the control panel
    I did the change in the past so pretty sure it is possible… just I can’t find it anymore. Do you know how to do it?

  8. After i press shift for my overhead arty view is there something i can press to zoom out further? thanks

    • I think I have mine set to the scroll wheel on my mouse actually. There is also a mod that you can use called “overzoom” that will let increase the zoom in and zoom out by one factor. Its very helpful with arty and sniping both.

  9. Hello Sir
    Can you help me please? I can’t find how to mount a gun from my depot onto my new tank instead of buying a new gun.

    • If the gun fits on your new tank (I’m assuming it does), you can mount it by using the gun icon just under your tank in the garage. Click on it and it will give a list of all the guns for that tank, and then you can click again to select which one you want to mount.

  10. HZ:

    I just started playing about a week ago and am getting hooked. Yesterday, after I got blown away I was watching a mobile artillery piece on my team. He was sitting on an shelf overlooking the other team’s flag. There was a tank on the other side of a building to the left of the flag. This tank poked its head out and immediately showed up on the minimap. The MA hit him once before the tank retreated back behind the building. The MA continued to fire at the building with no effect. I had been blown away while also parked behind a building so I wondered why the same thing did not happen to the enemy tank.

    Two things came to mind: The building by the flag was higher than the one I had been behind and blocked the MA shells or the blast radius of the artillery shells is small and even though they were hitting on the other side of the building, the tank was outside the blast radius.

    And then I had another thought. Can repeated bombardment take down a building and thus expose tanks sheltering behind it?

    Any thoughts?

    • Some buildings are destructable, some are not. But I think you have the right of it, the tank was just outside the splash radius. Some nations artillery does not do very well in the splash department, trading that for better accuracy or rate of fire.

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