How Not To Do an MMO Newsletter


So I get the new WAR newsletter in my inbox.  I no longer subscribe, but I always check to see what’s going on with maybe the hopes that the developers will one day remember that they have PvE content in the game (no such luck, btw).  So I open the email and here is the lead story on the newsletter – sent to all current players to inform them and former players to intice them back:

Awesome - links to the store and official forums! What more could I ask for!

Gee, thanks.  That’s about the most boring, technical, non-exciting newsletter one could possibly get.  I wonder how many former players you will win back with that?  New players?  How many existing players are excited by this?  From the looks of things and from reading the article, I can only conclude that anyone who cares hangs out in the official forums, which begs the question – why is this in a newsletter format?

I would think you would use this time and energy on a newsletter for other things, or find a new purpose for the newsletter.  Is it possible that marketing was one of the weak points of WAR and I am only just now recognizing it?  Not the campaign itself, because certainly it was everywhere, but matching what was on the poster to what was under the hood.  More than one Hollywood big budget title has fallen like a slain giant because somebody couldn’t be bothered to put together an accurate (or coherent in some cases) trailer for the movie.

Huh.  Makes me wonder. I also wonder if I spelled “intice” wrong at the beginning of this post.  But I’m too tired to look it up.