The World of  Tanks 0.6.4 patch is finally here!  Deploying tomorrow, this is the patch that was supposed to have been the launch patch before its pushback.   And so it is the patch that I wanted to “review” the game off of.  You may ask why I would wait for it.  Well, because this is what the developers wanted the game to look like, vs. the investors who needed that firm launch date to get their money back.   As a player I appreciate the investors giving me something to spend my money on.  As a gamer, I appreciate the vision of the designers and how they think the game should play.  And between the two, I’d rather rate the game on the latter than the former.  So I’ve waited.

Supposedly, this patch will fix known issues with spotting/visibility (“invisible tank syndrome”),  reduce the ease of de-tracking a tank (which should imrpove player survivability across the board, and reduce the power of artillary a bit), and begin to resolve some of the tech tree issues on the German side.  And on top of that, we get some cookies too: Tier 8 artillary finally arrives, along with several other new tanks, and two new maps.  Alongside those come further balancing tweaks.

In other words, this is a mega patch.  If it does what it says it will do, I really will be giving WoT high marks.  If it doesn’t live up to expectations though, expect some griping on my part.


5 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. You may be interested to know that the Sony MMO network is alive again, and all previous and current SOE subscribers have received 45 free days for ALL of their MMOs.

    It’s so tempting, it got me to reinstall SWG.

    Just a heads-up, in case World of Tanks’ new patch doesn’t consume you.

    1. Yep! I already have plans for another run at SWG and EQ2. After a long drought of gaming, I suddnely have this deluge (we’re starting Rift next Monday as well) of games to play!

      Are you already running your 45 days of SWG?

      1. Yep.

        Got back into the game. 15 seconds after logging onto my CL90 Domestics Trader, I got a tell asking if I was available to do custom tailor work. After a few minutes of figuring out how to play the game again, I filled the order and fell back in love with SWG crafting.

        My main in Rift is still only 47. I intend to finish off the last 3 levels before my 3 months expire, but I’m not sure I’ll resub.

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