Step Right Up US Publishers!

So let’s make this semi-official.  HarbingerZero’s most anticipated game of 2012 is…ArcheAge Online.  Unless TOR is still not out.

Sorry, that was a cheap shot.  Actually…no, no I’m not sorry.

Like any interested player, I started looking around for a Beta Sign Up (turns out you need a Korean SSN to get one) and a release date (Q1, 2012).  But I also discovered that the release date is only for Korea.  Because no publisher for North America has been secured yet.   That’s…insane.  Either XL Games needs to get the ball going on this, or there are a lot of shortsighted publishers here in North America.  Given the Beta Test feedback and the amount of buzz this game is generating, I can’t imagine it not being released here.

"We've capped! What next?" "North America?" "Sounds good...let the invasion begin!"

Still, I understand that there will probably be considerable cost involved.  Who would want to step up and publish?  Clearly Trion is out of the mix (FYI, I am playing Rift like a madman right now).   EA is no position financially to take this on.  Sony would probably pass because they would like to keep things in house, though they have stepped out in the past (Pirates of the Burning Sea, for example).   I can’t see Turbine diving in, but perhaps having a sandbox MMO alongside their linear story-driven LotRO  offering would be a solid combination.   Though as it stands right now they are out of the subscription model altogether, and while nothing has been announced yet, its hard to imagine ArcheAge *not* being a sub model, at least initially.

Well, here ends the speculation, and begins the encouragement.  Both for XL Games to let us over here in NA get our hands on this game, and for movers and shakers here to make it happen.

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    1. Check out the website and perhaps some of the closed beta information and videos swirling around. That’s what sold me…what you see in the CBT seems to match what they say they can do on the website. That’s the first step to success.

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