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Actual question, can we bring cameras or take video of anything we see?

Filming/photography of game footage is not permitted at neither the Hilton nor the Comic-Con booth.


Seriously…what the problem?  Obviously this is not an NDA issue.  And there can’t be any fear of people seeing flaws or you wouldn’t have set this up in the first place.  What possible benefit could come from disbarring pictures and video at this event?

Also…double negative for the grammar police keeping score at home.  So actually…it is allowed.  Fail…or win?


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  1. It may be hotel policy to not allow pictures or video to be taken of their events at the hotel. That being said, I know one of the legal bits that’s somewhere in the DragonCon badge purchasing process – or maybe it’s on the badge itself – that says that by attending the con, you imply permission for anyone to take your picture for any reason. Never been to any Comic Cons but the local variant, so I don’t know if that’s mentioned in any of their paperwork.

    Other than that, I don’t get it.

    1. Supposedly they have never allowed pictures in their booth and they are “not about to start now.” Sometimes I get the feeling that BW is the Monk of the gaming industry. Rather brilliant at times, but all things must be in perfect order or OMGWTFWEREALLGONNADIEQQ.

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