I had a sad moment last night, so I had to share with you all.  I just dinged 30 in Rift.


It was an excellent and awesome moment.  I’m looking forward to trekking my way to 31 so that I can whip up some sort of build that involves a Centaur.  And a combat rez (did I mention I’m a cleric?).   Anyway, I was very impressed with myself and very happy.  And also playing solo, as I have been doing the last few weeks.

We had a solid gaming group going for the first month, but then it just sort of…fell apart.   Things do that.  So I have journeyed onward.  But I had this ghost of an urge to yell “DING” only to realize that there would be no one there to follow up with the customary “Grats!”  And there was sadness.

But then I remembered I had this blog, and I thought maybe one of you might humor me for old times sake.  What say you?

7 thoughts on “Ding!

  1. Grats!

    Why are you playing with yourself? Surely there’s some suckers out there that would take in a lowbie such as yourself! (Byriel server, Iniquity guild, Guardians)


    1. Hehe, thanks!

      I wouldn’t mind making a server jump, but this character is actually Defiant. I may roll a Dwarf something or other on your server though. This is the only game where I’ve liked the Dwarf models, so I gotta have one!

  2. Gratz to you! And I agree with Grimnir, get with a group of people who fit your play style, even if only to read the guild chatter. Trion’s free transfers make it too easy. Unfortunately, we’re playing Guardians, too, Simple Complexities on Estrael. You’re certainly welcome. There’s a guy named @Belghast (twitter handle) helps run a Defiant guild on Shadefallen, Eye of the Manastorm, I believe. Anyways, cheers. 🙂

    1. Hey Rowan!

      Thanks for the tips. I’ll look both up. I was really hoping that this would be a game I could level cap and then just explore, and I can totally do that…but I’m gonna need some company, especially if everything I’ve heard about the last 5 levels is true!

      1. Actually there was a recent update on the state of the game. Trion is making the leveling process up to the 40’s easier, and they’re adding in solo/duo adventure experiences (or whatever that means) for players that aren’t interested in the group/raid content. Finally someone pandering to the soloers! It sounds really cool so far, so if you hold out til 1.4 you might have something you can dig into for those last couple of levels.

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