HarbingerZero Turns Three: A Belated Celebration

My actual blog-0-versary  was four days ago, but I’m a busy cat these days.   So here’s a shakedown of year three more or less.  And a happy blog-o-versary to those who started running about the same time I did, I know there are several of you.

Quick Stats:

Total Views:  41,363  (21,407 last year, 3400 or so the year before)

Best Month:   2,947 views in January, 2010  (2281 last January,  100 the year before)

Busiest Day:  602 views on  January 8th, 2011 (270 last year, 100  the year before)

Top 5 Posts:  Naming Your Ship, Tips and Tricks for World of Tanks, In The Aftermath of the SWTOR Media Blitz, Fit the Pilgrim Part II, Rift: More Detailed Thoughts.

* Note, views to my home page blow all of those away.  This is the up and down of not requiring you to “jump” after a break in the post.


Search Terms That Make You Go “Hmmm”:

dale wicks (who is that?)

money? we don’t need no stinking money! (um…sure, send me a donation then, cuz I do!)

blizzard entertainment headquarters (lol, here’s a hint: this isn’t it!)

layout lobby hotel (Planning a heist or something?)

my ops are blacker than your ops (But of course they are.  We wouldn’t have you think it any other way…)


Top 3 Bloggers Who Helped Me With Traffic:  Combat Archeology, Stoney’s EQOA blog, Bio Break

Top 3 Bloggers I Helped With Traffic:  MMO Gamer Chick, The Ancient Gaming NoobCombat Archeology

And let me just be totally honest here.  I got way more help from the first three than I gave to the second three, lol.


Quick Thoughts:

I said last year that I would finally get my own domain name and give you a unique insight into MMO’s from my vocation.   Neither of those happened.  My bout with shingles turned into a six month comedy of errors and problems that really stalled the site out in some ways.  Even so, I’ve tried to keep up with a post here and there.  And I have no intention of stopping now.  If anything, I am just getting warmed back up.

Perhaps most amazing to me is that even with some of that time where I struggled to post regularly, the site grew more in this year than it did last year.


Goals for the Coming Year:

My main goal last year was to have a regular gaming group.  I had one for about a month.  Which is actually pretty good in the grand scheme of things.  And then I’ve had a regular group in World of Tanks for perhaps two months time.  So I will say that goal has been achieved, though not on the level of TAGN’s weekly get together’s, which is something I deeply envy.  Perhaps with the coming of TOR, I will have what I seek.  Certainly the hybrid MMO/Single Player Story experience would lend itself well to a regular play group I would think.  So that continues to be a goal for me.

I think my other goal this year is still that nebulous “max level” thing.  I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like now more than ever, I need to have “capped” in some game.  Not so much for you as readers or anything, but just for me, to justify my continued investment in MMO’s in general.



MMO Subscriptions:  Fallen Earth (3 month), EVE Online (3 month), Rift (2 months), World of Tanks (5 months), STO (5 months – mostly unplayed), APB (1 month)

Free Games and Unlimited Trials:  The Reincarnation, Champions Online, Everquest IIX

Copious Amounts of Beta:  Rift, World of Tanks, Dawntide

The Best of the Rest:  Flames of War (Tabletop Miniatures), Fluxx Card Game: Monty Python Edition (my mother-in-laws French accident was to die for), Chutes and Ladders (with my kids…I came in last place).



Special thanks again to Scott Hartman and the Trion team for letting me into the testing very early, and for listening to their players.  And thanks to you who have followed and continue to read and comment, your support drives my creativity and desire.  Also thanks to my Dad, my Brother, and my Brother’s Fiance, who have supported my gaming habits even when I couldn’t afford too, and have had a hand in helping me achieve that goal of a regular group.  Here’s to year four and all that it may bring.


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