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Credit where credit is due.  I have blasted TOR on numerous occasions, but they do get some things right, and they do have some smart people working for them.  Case in point:  Emmanuel Lusinchi…


“We find that any strategy game is interesting when people choose a role…and need to fulfill that role for the other players.  So not everyone is just doing damage.  But as a player, your class has a huge spectrum of what it can do.”


First of all, lets just call it right here:  he is absolutely right.  If the unholy trinity of MMO’s ever does disappear, there will be something needed to replace it.  And that is due to the underlying principle that Mr. Lusinchi gets that I think many developers don’t seem to understand:  MMO’s are at their heart a strategy game.


That said…it’s really time to change that trinity thing.  Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Great Quote

  1. Incidentally, I love tactics games that let me control a group. Each unit has its role, or a set of roles, and the group synergizes well if I do my part and the devs give me sufficient control over customization.

    So… I can see his point, to a degree. I hate the trinity, though, because it’s too rigid and ultimately just an AI hack. If I have the ability to change my role on the fly and roles aren’t just threat/healing/damage management, then maybe we’ll see something good. I’d really like to see situational awareness be important, with the environment playing a role in combat.

    1. I think I mentioned this a long time ago, but I’d love to see the creative feedback loop between PnP and MMO RPG’s to continue. With that in mind, maybe its time to go back and see what else can be gleaned from the pages of the latest RPG systems…

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