So, we are (finally) getting an announcement about and comprehensive FAQ regarding Beta Testing weekends…


a)  After one has already happened

b) After you’ve decided to put them on indefinite hiatus

c) After you reveal (inadvertently?) that you don’t patch the client but require clean installs with every update


and, for good measure, after you…


d) Admit that the first one was a failure


Two thumbs up Bioware.  You have really outdone yourselves this time.  I haven’t seen anyone do this awesome a hack job on themselves since Alganon imploded in a disturbingly catastrophic manner.  For a company that swears up and down that they dead set against giving bad or incorrect information and releasing a quality product, you are doing a great job at failing the former and making people twitchingly nervous about the latter.


I was going to insert an epic fail demotivator, but I couldn’t find one epic enough.