TOR Gets A Release Date

Quietest train I ever heard.

Only thing I can say is that this has EA written all over it. Stephen Reid losing his mind in the release date speculation thread less than a week before the grand announcement? Not likely.

BW wanted to move back into 2012, EA said “hell no” and this was the compromise. A compromise that presents its own set of challenges.

One is logistics. UPS, FedEX, USPS…all logjammed with presents a few days before Christmas – and now we are going to add 500k+ (1m+? 2m+?) units of TOR to the load? Yeah, good luck with getting your box on time.

Two is support. You want those first couple of weeks to be spotless. You need a full team on hand to handle all the crap that crops up. But you are not going to have that.

And that is where BioWare’s lack of experience in this process will come back to bite them in the hindquarters. Because of their refusal to work with their customer base, listen to appropriate feedback, and at times combatative (even belligerent) attitude about “their” game (and they are quite insistent about that, despite years of industry evidence otherwise…I’m lookin’ at you Brad McQuaid) – all of that combines to give the customer base little trust of BioWare as a developer. Blizzard, Trion, and other successful companies have earned themselves some breathing room because of their track record and their ability to stay on top of things. As I saw someone noting this week, Blizzard can wreck and entire character class and people will yell, but they won’t leave (or they will leave and come back). Trion can wreck something and have a solution in place 48 hours later, and people have come to know and trust that.

Does anyone trust BioWare at this point?

I get that we were shooting for the “holiday season” but we are so deep up in the nose of the holiday season that not even a Neti Pot of the Ancients +5 is gonna dislodge us.