I Finally Capped Level! or…$30 for a virtual tank?

Well, sort of.  I have reached the end of the line in World of Tanks…


T-54, aka The Beast, aka Sally.


Now I still have upgrades to purchase on the tank, obviously, but I kinda equate that to the alternative advancement in other games.  I have reached the top tier of medium tanks in my chosen faction.  This is the end of the line!  And yeah, WoT is not exactly the traditional MMO, but I haven’t reached this level of excellence in an online game since Star Wars:Battlefront 2 (where I was in the top 1% of players in the XBox Live standings).  So its a little exciting for me.

The T-54 has been every bit of what was advertised.  It is devilishly maneuverable, a tough nut to crack, and creates tactical advantages for other players.  The only downside has been one of the things I grudgingly admire about WoT – they have a perfectly balanced money sink.   If you look a little closer in the top right of the image, you can see what I had left in my wallet after buying this bad boy.  And it took me another 100k or so built up from runs in my two mid-tier premium tanks (Panzer V-IV and Sherman M2A4, aka the Beta Sherman) before I could train the crew and be sure I could afford repairs in case my first couple of matches were busts!

Now I will admit, I have never ended a night with less money than I started – but since Tier 7, unless I have played those premy tanks, I have not come out that much further ahead of where I was to begin with.  And that’s with a premium account running too.  So the balance factor is there, but it can be frustrating, especially with the cost of end game tanks (the T-54 runs just shy of 3 million credits).  Hence the popularity of the Tier 8 line of premium tanks (Lowe, KV-5, Type 59, M6-preorder version).  If you intend to play and run end game tanks, or at least if you plan to use more than one of them, you are going to need a top-shelf credit generator like that to hang with the big boys.   And I of course, am not willing to shell out $30 for a virtual tank.

Enter the changes to the lines of advancement in the game.  In the next 2 months, the T34, my heavy of choice, will be replaced with the M103.  To make up for the generally underpowered nature of the T-series heavy tanks in the US line, and because of the time investment required, and the general love the T-model anyway, the T34 (Tier 9) will stay in the game as a premium tank, and anyone who has one in their garage at the time of the switch will receive the M103 to continue the line, and that new premium version – for free.  Free is good.  One match in a Tier 8 premium can generate as much as 100k cash, vs. my current mid-tier premiums, which generally draw me 15k-20k per match.

So until that change happens, I’m afraid my time in both the T34 and the T-54 will be limited by the number of matches I sacrifice from them to play in those premium tanks.  Fortunately, WoT does the game well, and I have fun in those smaller premiums as well.

And above all, its good to be at the top of the heap with a max level (max tier) character (vehicle)!