A Dream Long Realized.

I finally did it.  It took…I don’t know how many games, and almost nine years, but I finally accomplished what I had thought at one time would be impossible for me.


The Ultimate Ding


So Rift made this process painless, and fun, and…well, quick.  I played my first MMO for nearly two years and never came closer than 36/50 (which within six months was 36/55).  I think I’ve said before, but  I will say again, two things in particular got me here.


The first is the multiple roles and ability to swap on the fly was probably the biggest help.  I tend to be a bit of an altaholic, particularly as levels climb and groups become more and more useful.  But here I alternated between all aspects of the trinity, jumping around a bit.  I also found my center though – with all the options available, I tried them all and tried them early, and then locked into two particular builds that I used for the entire game (with minor tweaks along the way, of course).


The second, and perhaps more helpful, was having a regular gaming group.  We played 2-3 times a week, usually for 1-3 hours, and here we are, 6 months later.  The group was my Cleric and a pair of Rogues.  One of the Rogues did have a Riftstalker tank build, and I did have a Justicar tank build, but until the end of the game, we only used them in Rifts or for particularly difficult missions.


So what’s next?  Well there is still one quest out there bugging me.  The arena where you have to face down a Cyclops and two other people at the same time.  We got our butts handed to us at level 43 and 44.  Now we will see how they handle a trio of 50’s.


Oh, and I capped here too, just for good measure.


5 thoughts on “A Dream Long Realized.

  1. Conrgats! It is satisfying to hit level cap… for me at least. I tend to get distracted with too many alts, so it can be tough to get there.

    Now, when does the first expansion come out to raise the cap to 60?

  2. You almost make me want to resub to Rift in order to make the final push from 47 to 50.

    Then I remember that SWTOR comes out in a month and I have the WoW Annual Pass and Skyrim to keep my attention until then. Oops.

  3. Great! Congratulations! Except for a break this weekend for SWTOR beta, my lovely bride and I have been working a pair of Defiants. We’re about mid 20s now.

  4. Thanks all! My sub is still good for another two weeks, so I think I may try my hand at a Guardian Rogue for the time being. As much as I’m looking forward to TOR, I’m seriously considering re-upping. I’m just not done with the game, and I figure one less night a week playing TOR won’t kill me.

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