Coming Up For Air

With a post like that you’d think I’d be about to unveil my level 30 Jedi Guardian or something.  Sadly, no.  I have not had nearly the playtime this week that I had hoped to have had.  Heck, I even took Tuesday off work.  But there’s just too much going on in the holiday season here, I’ve had to lower my expectations.


You and me both, big guy.


(On a side note, I wonder what this means for the player base divide.  The hardcore players will cap even faster with the holidays around, while the casual players will be moving even slower…)

However, I did manage to accomplish my most basic and vague head-start goal:  Dear Emperor, please let me get off the starter planets.  And so it has been.  I have three characters clear of the morass of the first planets and with any luck will have one more done before Tuesday hits.

Just to give you the lay of the land there, I currently have a Sorcerer who will be healing for the little trio of family I play with, an Operative who will be my primary character  for guild activities, and a Sentinel for some casual solo/Republic play.

And of course, I was very excited to learn that my guild, Beskar, had been placed on the same server as the Republic Mercy Corps, meaning I will, by good fortune, be able to cross paths or at least glowsticks with GC and Rowan.

Speaking of expectations, launch has so far been the stable, queue laden thing I thought it would be.  My serious concerns – mostly revolving around graphics, were in fact handled, if in a bit of a minimalistic manner.   We did get a toggle for shadows, which helped, and its obvious that the textures got one final pass before launch.

There though, still a number of bugs revolving around guild chat and the UI, mob quirks, and the one creepy conversation bug where everyone’s eyes disapppear – which is almost as freaky as it is in Event Horizon, only with less nudity involved.


20274-23126.gif (320×240)
Bob, do we need to have another talk about keeping your eye contact above chest level?


Of course there were also some unexpected surprises in that region too.  As it turns out, there is actually such a thing as hot Jedi chicks, and just to help you control the urge to go Google that right now with safe search off, I’ll conclude this post with proof of that.

Basically, she has to keep a droid for a companion. Nobody else can handle the sexual tension.

3 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

    1. Hey, I didn’t know that, but I still don’t have a response to my email asking about character names, so maybe *your* the Sith here! (-;
      Seriously, we need to get the duo back together again. No solving crimes this time around though.

      As for the other – did I mention that in Beta she had booty shorts to match her halter top? They changed the graphic for that particular item before launch, thankfully, because for a while it was lookin’ all Tomb Raider up in there.

      1. A tomb-raiding archeologist-Consular would be the most badass thing ever. Just sayin’.

        And yes, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I’ll get on that ASAP.

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