TOR Criticized for Being Too Realistic

A quote from Tobold, via Rowan Blaze:

“There is a sort of intellectual honesty about the evilness of the Empire, while the Republic comes over as the people who would like to be the good guys, but never really manage.”

So basically, what we are angsty about is the fact that TOR models the political and moral dichotomies present in reality too well for our taste.  We’d like our Axis a little more evil and our Allies a little more squeaky clean.

Look, this is not to point a finger, I’ve seen this reposted in lots of places from lots of people, not to mention the chatter in my own guild and on the forums.  It is simply to say that I’m not sure what people were expecting.   I had assumed we would delve into the Empire to find some of the evil was mostly a result bureaucratic or apathetic tendencies.  To quote an old movie:  “Very few people can be totally ruthless. It isn’t easy; it takes more strength than you might believe. ”   Likewise, I had assumed that under the  guise of altruistic motives and ra-ra patriotism, we would find that the Republic was ultimately tarnished.

(Ironically, from the Empire side, this is exactly what Darth Bane noticed, /facepalmed, and created the Rule of Two for.)

As for me, I’m satisfied.  Bioware did a great job of fleshing out two imperfect civilizations, and leaving room for all of us to navigate the waters of rebellion and heroism, good and evil.  If anything, they did too good a job – my brother’s Sith Warrior had to purchase a new lightsaber this week.  Turns out he enjoyed a storyline too much, and the end result was light side points he hadn’t counted it.  Which mean that his current lightsaber was no longer usable.  In other words – what he planned for his character met reality, and the result was a less than efficient character development.

Hey wait a second…a storyline so powerful it makes us change the conceptions of our character.  Weren’t we begging for that?

Congrat’s Bioware, you trolled us hard, on a whole new plane of existence.


5 thoughts on “TOR Criticized for Being Too Realistic

  1. I wasn’t necessarily critical of the grey morality of the Republic (or the Empire for that matter). I am more critical of the sameness of the political situation to the movie era, several thousand years later.

    1. Ah, I see. I liked it actually. The idea that the SW universe is an epic cycle somehow makes it more fun for me. I think perhaps that’s why I did not like the Vuzhon (or however the heck you spell it) thing, but love the Legacy series.

      I also have to give a bit of a mea culpa here. Right up until your comment, I thought the quote said “intellectual dishonesty” – so I thought the complaint was that the Empire wasn’t as evil nor the Republic as good as expected. Which was a head scratcher to me.

      In reality, the quote is just saying that BW did a good job of acknowledging some unique ways in which evil can be situational, while the Republic side just kinda smacks of selfish dirty politics. I think.

      1. Also, did you change something on your site? I tried posting a comment over there and ended up with this full blown post here because it wouldn’t take the comment. I’ve tried doing it both with WP and with just a generic log in, so it may be a problem on my end.

    2. That’s a great point, Rowan. The “necessities” of story-telling in the Star Wars universe — for instance, the very explicit use of recognizable tropes — dooms that universe’s history to an odd sort of stasis.

      But, I had never considered that Star Wars universe is cyclical, with periods of technological progression and regression; good point, HZ.

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