Disney: The New Privacy Invasion Villain?

So I got a letter today soliciting me for a donation.  A donation to the National WW2 Museum in New Orleans, LA.  Not unusual, in and of itself.  I do have a subscription to a WW2 History magazine, and have for years now.  And I’m sure the internet has worked its usual “track the cookie” magic and put two and two together.   The only problem is that the letter didn’t actually come for me.  It had my address, sure enough, but it was addressed to my daughter.  Who is  eight.


And I know how that came to pass.


See, years ago, on a whim, my brother and I begin a project of always slightly varying the information we filled out for companies and registrations.  Then we would see what came back to us with what particular errors and be able to trace who sold our information to whom.  Not that we could do much about it, really, but it was interesting always to see the tangled web it wove.  For example, for a long time, a particular magazine I got came in my name, but with a different middle initial.  Which is how I had filled out the registration for a forum website that was supposed to not sell your information to anyone.  Needless to say, I cancelled my membership there and changed my passwords, just to be on the safe side.  Nowadays I don’t do that anymore – there’s just too much spam to care.  But I do still look at everything that comes in pretty closely for old patterns.


So, long story short, only one place has my information but my daughter’s name.  And that would be the Disney Website.  See, a few years ago, she wanted to play Pixie Hollow, because it was an MMO like Daddy plays.  And for whatever reason, when I filled it out (fear of losing my mancard?) when I created the account, I used her name instead of my own.


Now, I have no idea whether Disney intentionally sold our stuff or not, but that’s a pretty big deal.  Especially considering their privacy policy says that nobody outside of the Disney Family of Companies can have your info.  So now I’m curious.  I also have a separate account for me these days, not for Pixie Hollow, but for ESPN Fantasy Football.  All things considered, seems like they would have sent me one first.  If they had, who knows, maybe they would have gotten some of my money.


3 thoughts on “Disney: The New Privacy Invasion Villain?

  1. It may be farfetched, but is the WWII magazine published by a Disney subsidiary? But I do understand the desire to pre-filter some stuff by altering PID.

    1. Its owned by Weider History Group. Mr. Weider also runs some pharmaceutical interests apparently, but has no links with Disney. Even then, it should have come in my name, I would think.

      Having a wife who work’s in the corporate world, I have come to realize that the left hand never knows what the right is doing, much less where its been. Probably someone at Disney, either legally or shadily, passed the information on elsewhere, which then got sold off to an unsuspecting museum marketing group. Maybe it was that Sales Genie thing I hear ads for all the time, they could probably make that wish (or dream?) come true.

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