Why do I have nothing to say about TOR?

I have struggled with this thought for some weeks now.  Normally at this point, I’d be writing regularly about my travels and travails, or at least posting progress updates.  But I’m doing none of that.  And I have no desire or impetus to write about TOR, despite the fact that I’m playing it a couple of times a week, much as I was doing with Rift.

Contrast that with my seemingly endless posting about EVE, all of which was happening side by side with my play time.

I’m not sure what to make of all of that, just pointing it out.  It also applies to World of Tanks as well, though I had just assumed it was because a series of PvP matches would seem to leave little to write about, and thus my few posts have been limited to commentary on updates or particular tanks.  But now it strikes me that the disease might be more widespread than that.

Have I lost interest in writing about gaming?  Or is it just that certain games and events lend themselves more readily to blogging?

2 thoughts on “Why do I have nothing to say about TOR?

  1. With EVE, it’s easy to blog while watching an action complete, or waiting for something.

    With SWTOR and World of Tanks, you can’t play and blog at the same time.

    I imagine it’s more of a time management thing than a loss of writing motivation.

    I’d love to see you write about (and play) something more obscure…. say, Lime Odyssey, once it’s released – Chrono Trigger fans will love that one. Or Wurm Online, for the sandbox fans.

    Keep in mind, also, that I as a reader don’t care if you step away from writing about games occasionally, as long as you keep writing. We’re here to hear your take on things, because we enjoy reading what you write.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Ben, and good points on all of them.

      On further reflection, I think it was because EVE offered a diversity of goals, while the standard MMO has really only one goal until you hit cap, where now other goals are introduced. If that is so, then Istaria (which I registered for a free trial of today) and Wurm Online (which looks good as well) will provide fertile soil, and hopefully bring those games some attention.

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