Sandbox Vistas II: Leaving Istaria

This is a short post.

Let me just say that, I like Istaria. I think I could get past the required pacing change, and would even enjoy “slowing down” my expectations and taking up a bit more of a grind in exchange for being able to set my own goals and so on. I could even get past the fact that the roleplaying server has players with the creativity of a head of cabbage, and thus can’t seem to play anything *but* dragons.

And who, I might add, ignore people. I ran through the starter village naked just to see if I would provoke a response from the gathered dragons…nope.

And, I can easily handle the dated graphics, because I’m not a graphics guy. I’ll play 8 bit games all day long and be perfectly happy.

But when you send me on a starter quest to gather wild boar snouts, and *forty* dead boars later, I have *one* snout, that is not a problem with design philosophy, that is a problem that should not exist in an eight year old game.

Sorry Vitrium, that’s a deal breaker for me. Onto the next vista…

Not sure which one though. Thoughts? Wurm Online or Ryzom or Xyson or something else?


One thought on “Sandbox Vistas II: Leaving Istaria

  1. Sorry to hear that about Istaria. Looking back, I do remember the insane Kill X^2 of Y quests.

    I’d try Wurm Online next. It’s even slower-paced than Istaria, with more freedom, and zero quests. It’s a “pure” sandbox. Hint: do the tutorial.

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