6 comments on “EQOA Is Closing Its Doors

  1. I’m torn on turning on my ps2’s. A big part of me just says to let it go and move on with the memories I already have. Moreover, even though I haven’t played in several months, I think I’m actually in denial that they’re truly axing the game. It’s always been an option to return and to think that option won’t exist will be a bit strange. I do wonder why now? What caused it to last this long and what would have caused it to last longer? What’s next? Will there be an EQOA2 or should I expect further bad news about my childhood games? Because if I can’t find my copy of Tony Hawk’s Proskater 2, I’m going to have to start bashing some Sony products.

    • I can’t fathom any motivation for what Sony does or does not do. To me, if its not costing them anything (other than electricity) and at least 1 person is subbed….keep it running.

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  3. I never played EQOA. Back when there was a European server I didn’t really think about it although I was aware of the game. Much later, when I realized that Everquest has become something quite special for me, on a level with other lifelong interests and affections, I thought I’d like to try all the varieties of EQ. I was ready to buy a PS2 to play EQOA but I was too late. The Euro server had closed.

    Even then, I spent a good while looking into the possibility of buying a US PS2 (or PS1 even) and working around the various issues. I was thinking about it again as recently as this January. Missed my chance.

    I probably should do something about buying an old Apple PC so I can play EQMAC.

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