A Storm is Brewing


Given the wording here you can also safely exclude Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and virtually any online retailer.  Other than, you know, the people actually making Guild Wars 2.   But don’t worry, I’m sure the game will be great.  Revolutionary.  And always super free to play.


5 thoughts on “A Storm is Brewing

  1. Your Amazon pre-order is not a pre-order? And does this mean that they charge you in full today for a delivery at some as yet unknown date?

    How will this mis-step get resolved?

  2. Eehh… what? That doesn’t even make sense, and on more than one level.

    I could of course now say that this doesn’t concern me in the least, I’ve always stayed 100% dispassionate about GW2. But that’s still a blunder of the weirder sort.

  3. As best I can tell, they have introduced a new tier to pre-order, which is pre-purchase. Give your order now and get some cool stuff. Give your money now (in full) and get even more cool stuff. And of course, the only place that will take you money now is…yeah, directly from them.

    And let’s be honest, the most entertaining thing about this is that you know EA/Origin is kicking themselves right now for not having thought of it first.

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