And then, before I knew it, I was a Captain…

I’ve been playing STO again for something like 13 days.  And by “playing” I mean that I did the “2800” series, which is like five or six “episodes” (quests, if you will), and one additional episode from the series I was on when I last played over a year ago.  Outside of that, I’ve done only dailies and rotated my duty officer assignments around playing my other games.

And in those 11 days, I have gained more than 10 levels.  In fact, I had planned a post on “what ship should I choose” – because I was not sure if I wanted to branch out and try cruisers, in part because I intensely dislike the Defiant (errr…”Tactical Escort”) and I’m not a huge fan of the Intrepid class either.   But after some consideration, I realized that 1) I was going to hit Captain long before I thought I was and 2) for $6.25 + some leftover Cryptic points from my pre-order and some survey I did, I can purchase the Long Range Science Vessel Refit, aka the Bellepheron, aka the “USS Voyager, only much cooler looking.”

To Boldly Go...and Look Awesome While We Do It

And given how much fun I’ve had in the game and that its kinda my secondary game fix now, $6.25 a month was not a bad investment.  That gives me about 500 Cryptic points a month to play with, enough for 1-2 cash shop purchases.  I say “about” because you can also trade some of the in game currency into Cryptic points (at a rate of about 4 a day at my current pace) giving me another 100 or so points a month to work with.   For $4 less per month than I was spending on World of Tanks.  How about them apples?

So, as of tonight, this Captain will have a new ship.   Now if  I could just come up with a good name

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